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Elmond Pfeifer

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Aug 26, 2009
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Hi Every Body,
Breakfast is the main meal we associate with a bed and breakfast establishment, which sounds pretty straightforward, but these days you need to be catering for the myriad fad diets, food intolerance and differing tastes of the breakfasting public. Long gone are the days when the only choices for breakfast were soggy cornflakes swimming in full fat milk and a couple of rounds of white toast with marmalade, or a greasy bacon rasher with a fried egg or two. Tea, instant coffee or long-life orange juice used to be the only drinks guests were expected to choose from. Nowadays, guests have more sophisticated tastes and are far more discerning when it comes to their food and drink. In fact, many guests, when researching bed and breakfast accommodation, will put the choice and quality of the breakfast very close to the top of their list.

What you offer for breakfast will, to some extent, depend on the size of your bed and breakfast, your target market and your location. Any guest house worth its salt, whether a Leicester bed and breakfast or a rural farmhouse in the Yorkshire Dales, will be catering for the traditional full English breakfast, of course, but an establishment which relies solely on that and has no other choice to offer customers will not last long in the hospitality business. You may find it helpful to ask customers when they book if they have any special dietary requirements (for example they may be vegetarian or vegan or gluten intolerant) and then you can make sure that you can get the relevant food in to cater for them in advance and avoid wastage of food that they do not eat.

Not everyone can stomach a full English breakfast and, these days, not many people are used to eating a cooked breakfast at home on a regular basis. It is important, therefore, to offer other breakfast staples such as cereals with a choice of milk, full fat, semi-skimmed and skimmed. Put that together with a variety of flavoured and plain yoghurts, bread or toast (offer a choice of wholemeal or white) and the usual jams, marmalade and honey, and this range of food will probably cater for the majority of guests from the UK. As far as drinks are concerned, your guests will expect fresh filter coffee and herbal, Earl Grey and fruit teas as well as normal tea. Fresh fruit juices, such as apple, orange or grapefruit are always popular.

If your bed and breakfast is in an area likely to have foreign customers, then it is a good idea to provide the option of a continental breakfast. This will give you quite a few choices that will cater for special food diets too. Continental breakfasts normally consist of a selection of rolls and breads, perhaps croissants or Danish pastries. Add to this yoghurts and fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs or cheese and cold meats too. This is a simple meal to prepare, as there is no cooking involved. All the food is put out on a large table and guests simply help themselves.

Best Regards........

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