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Stress Free Holiday Traveling ..............

Elmond Pfeifer

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Aug 26, 2009
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Hi Every Body,
The holiday season is upon us, and the whole family soon will be together. Traveling isn't always as easy as you expect, from trip-planning to luggage-lugging and long flights. Take a deep breath, it can be easy. To lessen the hassle of pass trip-planning and to prepare your self for some of the surprises you may face along the way. Here are a few tips to save the day:

• Program your cell-phone with the toll-free service numbers of your travel agent, airlines, hotels, credit cards and automobile rental companies. If something goes wrong you won't have to join long lines with other disgruntled travelers, but speed-dial your travel businessperson or the company's customer service division to intend the help you need.

• Pack a picnic and make sure you bring some water. Faced with intense competition and soaring fuel prices, airlines have cut back on amenities, including meals. You don't poverty to face a long flight with no more nourishment than a activity of pretzels. Pack a picnic lunch for everyone in the family or pick up snacks at airport food courts. You'll find plenty of healthy options among every the food vendors stepping in to fill the requirement left by the airlines.

• Be prepared for delays and long lines with plenty of datum material, your music player, crossword puzzles, etc. Bring games and toys for the kids, and if you have infants, alter formula and diapers, which are not acquirable in airports.

• Lessen your time on traffic-clogged roadways-and the risk of absent your flight-by avoiding airport parking. At pass time airport parking lots are slow moving and overcrowded. You're much better off taking a shuttle and leaving your automobile in an off-airport parking lot.

• Travel light. Airlines today have become very strict about enforcing the digit bags per passenger rule: one checked activity and one carry-on item. Some airlines charge an extra fee for heavy luggage. Avoid the stress and extra costs by mailing gifts ahead of time to lighten your load.

• Fly on Christmas Day or New Year's Day rather than the day before, when planes will be packed and fares more expensive. On the pass itself, planes are relatively empty and better deals are often available.

Now that's stress-free travel planning.

Happy Holidays!

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