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Aug 22, 2008
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Dear investor!

Nowadays, you are at risk while making any high-yielding investment. Just because of that, it was very important for us to bring you reliable and stable investment opportunity.

That's why Stable Profit fund has been established.

We invest in various IT-project development groups, social networks, ISPs, innovative techs and many other IT-related projects. As a rule, they are small and little known companies at the beginning of their career. Large corporations don't require investments or can't bring us large profit, while small companies are able to yield approximately 70-80% profit per month in their initial stage.

If you are interested in such investments, you will be able to do this using our Stable Profit fund. Stable profit is guaranteed!

We own:

Automatic DDoS-protection by Cable&Wireless

Virtual Private Server (Whois)

Verifyed SSL sertificate

Private DDoS protected DNS

Licensed GC script
to suit all your and market security requirements.

You may consult with our managers about investment 24 hours/day via the Support page or look through the section FAQ.

With best regards, Eugene Movenko
Stable Profit Director


Stable Profit Daily PROMO! (1.8% DAILY! 100 days! First 100 members!)
Plan Spent Amount (US$)* Daily Profit (%)**
SPD Promo $10 and more 1.80

Stable Profit Daily Investment Plans (1.5-1.7% daily, 150 days)
Plan Spent Amount (US$)* Daily Profit (%)**
SPDI Standart $5 - $1,001 1.50
SPDI V.I.P. $1,001 and more 1.70

Stable Profit Weekly Investment Plans (10-12% weekly, 180 days)
Plan Spent Amount (US$)* Weekly Profit (%)**
SPWI Standart $5 - $1,001 10.00
SPWI V.I.P. $1,001 and more 12.00

*All plans have 100% principal return!
**All withdrawal requests are payed INSTANTLY! But note, that here is 100$ maximum for 1 request and for 1 day.

Use our referral program and earn up to 5.00% of referral deposits!

Our first level referral bonuses
Name From To Commision (%)
Newbie Promoter 1 20 2.50
V.I.P. Promoter 21 and more 5.00

For more information, visit

Join here:
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Nov 22, 2008
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We got some good and bad news for our members and investors today:

1) Due to current situation in Kiev (Ukraine) with currency exchange and last news that National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) declined their limitations for currency exchange rates (, we got problems with LR and other e-currencies account refills.
Example: We can easily exchange 1 LR on 1 UAH for 1:6.1, but when we need to buy LR to pay profits we got 7:1(!!!).

In cause of that our PROMO package was cancelled, all deposits was moved to Standart Daily Package (1.5% profit daily) according our Rules! We have 0% profit for us from that deal :(

2) Our Standart Daily package now marked as OLD, and has been closed for new investments. But, profit will be paid as always for existing members, 100% principal will be returned in the end of plan!

3) We added new, STABLE lifetime plans for all members!

Daily plans - 1-1.2% DAILY, optional 100% principal return after 30 days!
Weekly plans - 7-8.2% WEEKLY, optional 100% principal return after 30 days!
Monthly plans - 130-136% return, up to 36% monthly profit!

Sorry for all incovience caused, but we have made all that was possible, no another choise for us, if we want hold our business and your profits STABLE!

Monitor services, please update your records according these changes.
These plans have lifetime duration and will NOT be changed!

4) All documents for registering our Ltd. is being collected, it will be all official soon. We will be official registered company. That step is made for your money protection by LAW. We will inform you when registration process completes.

Best regards, Eugene Movenko
Stable Profit Director
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