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Sofa berhantu...hi hii hiiiiiii


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Oct 17, 2009
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IT has been a bumper year of UFO sightings, crop circles and paranormal phenomena.

But now for a seriously spooky tale of things that go squeak in the night . . . and the morning.

A Bristol family have got a haunted SOFA.

Click to listen to the spooky sofa

"One Sunday morning I sat down on it with a cup of tea and suddenly heard this odd squeaky noise," said receptionist Christine STRANGE (stop tittering at the back), 52. "I thought I must be going mad but Poppy, my Yorkshire terrier, heard it too.

"She started sniffing around but then got scared and ran away.

"It could be an alien for all we know. The noise is getting louder and louder. I'm scared it's going to come bursting out one evening while we're watching TV."

Science has so far been unable to furnish an explanation to satisfy the Stranges but Christine's husband Nigel, 54, a service engineer, has vowed not to sit on the sofa alone until the apparent haunting has been investigated.

In these credit crunch times, the couple should be happy the suite is just being possessed, not repossessed.

Experts say Britain is suffering a bad dose of supernatural apparitions.

Nick Pope, a former X Files expert for the MoD, said: "This is proving to be a really strange year. There are more UFO sightings and more reports of other weird phenomena than I can recall from any previous year."


So are there ghoulies lurking on the Stranges' settee? Have little green men colonised the cushions?

The truth is out there . . . well, it's probably just slipped down the back along with 47p in loose change, two elastic bands and a broken biro.
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