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To Sell Skincare dari KOREA/JAPAN/CHINA


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Nov 14, 2008
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Cosmetic Korea / Japan / China - Terunggul
Harga Borong, jadi take order secare BULK​

# Setiap tahap ada tarikh tamat menerima sebarang order..akan berhenti menerima tempahan selepas menemui Minimum Order Quantity
# Semua barang diambil secare BULK/DAGANG oleh itu harga lebih murah dari pasaran
# Hanya Pembeli yang serious ..
# Semua harga tidak meliputi harga penghantaran pos...
# Comfirm order dan Bayaran Penuh (sebab restock setiap minggu)
# Harga adalah tetap dan tidak menerima sebarang penukaran dari bahan lain
# Pada akhir tempoh penempahan, anda tidak dibenarkan membuat penukaran dan pembatalan
# Kerosakkan dan kehilangan pada pos/penghantaran tidak akan kami tanggungjawab...
# Sebarang pertanyaan dan penempahan , sila turun msg disini ..bukan melalui PM

Kutip Order(Isnin-Ahad)-> Buat Bayar Penuh (Isnin sebelum 6pm)
Post keluar - 3hari kemudian~

Cara pembayaran:

Semenanjung : RM6 Postlaju / RM3-5 Parcel Post
Sabah/Sarawak: RM9 Postlaju



*Nick Carigold:
*COntact No:
*Link/Nama barang: (COPY PASTE)
*Pilihan Post: LAJU/PARCEL
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*~ Korea’s Skin79 BB Cream ~*

About SKIN79
SKIN79 is the only Korea Cosmetic Company certified by ISO9001 international quality control standard. The company products are approved by KFDA and safe to use.It is also the 1st original brand which brought the BB cream's product into the cosmetic market.
SKIN79 has already sold more than 700,000 bottles of BB cream in Korea and is also the favorite and must-use product of stars in Korea.

What is BB Cream?
In recent years, South Korea had set off the waves of nude makeup.
BB stands for Blemish Balm and it was developed for the purpose of protection, soothing and restoring skin so sensitive to deny any application of cosmetics because of its thinness and smarting.
Going out after thinning skin makes ultra-violet ray irritate it thus this product contains make-up base and foundation function too to interdict ultra-violet ray and to eliminate need of other toning make-up.

For the new concept.
BB CREAM means Blemish Balm Cream for the abbreviation of the German earlier in the medical use of the function of beauty products, R & D, is to enable the first sensitive and damaged skin care that have the real flu, but also to provide the use of laser therapy, protection, stability, ease fragile skin and develop new products, to be used in the skin calm and skin regeneration, After the laser, it can be modified not only by the skin scars and showed rosy color that can also maintain the damaged skin, as well as covered by a super effects, hence, the "bare makeup," is the title of beauty, super moisturizing and replenishment functions, but not sebum secretion, sweat or tears effects of prolonged protection of the skin.

★ SKIN79 Gold label SUPER + BEBLESH BALM TRIPLE FUNCTION 40g One unit : RMXX (termasuk postlaju)★
SPF 25PA++
Contain rich caviar
Moisturise & Smoothen skin
Whitening effect
Eliminates wrinkle
Medium coverage for ance skin
Suitable for all skin types






Super+ BB Triple Function (VIP Gold) 5g RM25(free post)
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SKIN79 Super Plus BB Triple Function Pink:) RMXX(termasuk postlaju)
SPF 25PA++
Good oil control
Contains Q10 that provides moisturization for skin
Contain Aloe Vera that improve skin texture
Suitable for combo skin




SKIN79 Super Plus BB Triple Function Pink (5g): RM25 (FREE pos)
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24K Active Gold Eye Mask with Botanical Essence RM2/sepacket @ RM15 (10packet)
Ultra micro gold leaf - gold element undergone multiple activating processing, vitamin B3, mulberry extract, grape leaf essence. The active gold boosts the blood circulation for eyes, making the ective ingredients penetrate the skin around the eyes more easily, rapidly abating swelling or tiredness around eyes, effectively removing dark circle, eye bags.

24K Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask RM14/4pack
Each piece of active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask contains 24ml pure whitening essence milk, contains ultrafine gold foil active golden prime liquid teated by multiple biochemical processes, vitamin B3, and natural mulberry extract.
the active golden prime liquid can fully ameliorate micro circulation in face, promote skin regenration, improve the oxidation-resistant capacity of skin, with highly effective water reserving capacitiy, can generate water-lipid protective membrane to reserve water, supply water & nutrients for cells, obviously remove lines, fade out pigment, whiten skin, and leave skin more evenly fair, & glowing charming luster.

UNES Pure Gold/ Silver Mask RM17/tube
- Pls state gold (recover skin n whitening n moisturising) or Silver (prevent oily skin n pimples)
- 7ml, can use abt 2-3 times
- hot selling in Taiwan
- Luxurious facial used by rich ladies last decades
- Widely used in Egypt for anti aging
- 99.99 pure gold gold foils
- instructions: apply this gel on clean face, wait for 30mins, then peel from bottom to the top

Honey Gel Mask RM3 sepacket
Short description for sucha superb mask : super moisturizing

X.O Red Wine Mask RM3 sepacket
Most beauty saloons use this. Leaving skin florid, fair, elastic, lustrous

Mineral Mud Active Regeneration Mask RM3 sepacket
Natural herb essence
Effectively active skin & adjust complexion. Restore damage cells

Freezing Fresh Exquisite Pore Mask RM3 sepacket
Unique freezing cells - innovative freezing cells combined with mint from a "Freezing and fresh film" on the surface of skin instantly, give skin fresh and freezing feeling, mulruple exquisite pore essence ingredients can rapidly active the cells of bottom skin, exquisite pore and improve the dry and rough phenomena of skin, specially added the chesnut fruit moisturizing essence directly infiltrate into the root of corneal layer, protect the water contents of self-skin, skin is no longer thirsty and restore to watery and smooth state.

Bamboo Salt Eye Mask RM2.50 sepacket
he corpuscular molecule called green bamboo salt extract fluid is abstracted from the combination of natural sea salt extract and fresh tender bamboo processing through high temperature. This extract fluid can rapidly improves skin parenchyma, accelerate the black block-eyes circle and eye bag, leave eye skin solid and full of elasticity.
It is proven through tests that after continual use of it for 10 days, the skin becomes firmer. Eye wrinkle, edema & the black eyes circle are obviously reduced & dissappeared after 3 weeks.

Taiwan Puli-ama Pure Natural Invisible Mask RM22
- Pls state ur choice: Lavender (moisturising), Lemon (refreshing) or Red Wine Q10 (whitening)
- 30ml
- taiwan gals said this is even more moisturize than 'skx'
- 2008 Latest purple color anti-fake packaging, Pls be careful!
- this mask also known as mask for lazy bump, can be used for face & even whole body. Can remove deadskin cell, whole body will be like after waxing, smooth & fair, back to youth time!
- whiten, lighten black spots, moisturize, reduce fine lines, tighten skin, reduce acne & improve acne-prone skin
- sterilize, relieves tiring skin, stop itchiness
- can keep for 1 yr. new stocks arrived every 1 mth
- ingredients: Rice, natural yeast, 12 natural plant herb extract formula

How to use:
1. shake the bottle well b4 using, apply on clean face, wait 30mins, use water to clean off.
2. usage frequency depends on personal skin type (recommended to use 2-3 times per day)
3. recommended not to use together with sheet mask, just spray on face alone

Mask that can be eaten?! No more skin sensitive
Seakelp Mask RM20

- 200g, 12 small pckts
- strongly recommended! for whitening, moisturising, lighten pimples scars
- Seakelp from Thailand is very mild, no additional ingredients at all. Very natural and very safe to be used.
- This seakelp is only used to produce mask, but also is a food in to reduce heatiness in China
- Do not judge this by its ugly packaging tongue.gif U must try it
- instructions: pour the seakelp seeds into a clean small bowl, pour in use warm water or ice water about 1/3 bowl, make it into a face shape, remember to create holes for eyes and nose, take off after 30mins, now, look at mirror to see the HUGE difference!

Blackhead traditional patch RM16/5pack

Miss Vivi The sparkling jade-like stone passes transparent white rose facial mask/retina 50ml RM38
This facial mask take its 97% natural ingredient, the remarkable whitening makes up the water effect, the collection retina facial mask as a body, as well as the fine lovable semblance, causes buying panic ~~ rapidly in the American young race
(this facial mask US selling price 21 dollars do not contain tax, head store attain preferential benefit proxy price, and pledged that only sells this product in the Chinese area) The Miss vivi sparkling jade-like stone passes transparent white rose retina/facial mask 50ml Is all the rage the entire US rapidly!!! The American forum ultra approves the oral traditions!!! "Vivi" the magazine evaluates “07 year skin care cosmetics fashion popular ten big brands” one!!! 07 year American fashionable forum “the year most receives ten big skin care new products which pays attention” one!!! Woman I biggest & Niu Zuixin recommends!!! The American each big magazine forum struggles the report!! Miss Vivi brand! From the American Hollywood's young star, the model, to the American campus girl, 90%18-35 year-old girl, had known nearly between one night the Miss Vivi this name, Miss Vivi the oral traditions which, the fine packing by its remarkable effect, ultra approves, has rolled up like a mat the entire US's each big cosmetology forum rapidly, is called the new generation fashion pronoun ~~~

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