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Servis Membina Website dan Blog dari RM100 - RM600 sahaja!!!!!UPDATE 13/12/08..


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Nov 6, 2007
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Anda ingin membuat website tetapi tidak pandai??

Kami boleh membantu anda mendapatkan website yang diinginkan
dengan harga yang cukup berpatutan..

Harga dah termasuk hosting dan domain sekali..

Bukan RM1000

Bukan Rm10000

Bukan RM100000

Tetapi Hanya RM100 hingga RM600...

(bergantung kepada jenis website)

What types of websites and blog we provided?
1. Affiliates Marketing Websites
2. Personal Websites
3. Personal Blogs
4. Company Websites
5. Corporate Websites
6. Music Band Websites
7. Music Band Blog
8. Advertising Websites
9. Social Networking Websites
10. Forum Boards
11. Business Websites
12. Customer Care Websites
13. Multi-Function Websites

What types of script did we use?
1. Php Scripts
2. Java Scripts
3. Html Scripts
4. Flash Banner

When we can complete your websites?
-Today or lately 1 weeks.

Some Example from our works,


The 100% advertising websites that own by our client's. His websites contain, affiliates programs, ads managements, signup, login, logout system and also have contact systems. Unlimited page creator. You can create a thousand page if you want. Best Deals!!! Just RM300


The functionally for this sites is, commission rate for affiliates, affiliates programs, mail box, blogging, downloads and uploads system, forum board, product review, e107 support plugins, games, ads management, news events, free a million pages, and many more. This website pricing is RM600 only.


This is band blog where the musician can post their blogs, articles, news, events, video, mp3 and creating fan's community. The pricing of this websites RM250.

Cool huh?

Wanna have this kind of these websites? What are your waiting for? We provide hosting, domain and emails service for you, it's cheaps and the greatest service. So don't waiting yet just kindly order and own your websites now!!

Just pm me if interested....

p/s: price is still can nego...
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