Rude Lam Swee Theam-My Montessori School bangsar

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Feb 25, 2019
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Sent my daughter to this education center and only to know that they are so many unsatisfied parents making complaints over there. Most of the issues are due to bad foods provided to children and the so called "education center" for resource and development of early childhood teaching personnel is a total BULLSHIT.

First of all, the staff are insufficient of good personality as a teacher to educate children, they seems to just want to leave work after "bullshit" for the whole day in school.

Second, what most frustrated is there is no use even you complain to the boss there as she also one of the uneducated teacher! So called principal of the center Ms. Lam Swee Theam, is also one of the irresponsible teacher.

Third, the foods are always the same meal plan! Repeat and repeat everyday. No use even you make complaints, they wouldn't even care about children's health.

The school is located at jalan telawi, bangsar
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