Ronnie Liu: Do or Die......

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Nov 2, 2010
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Apakah Ronnie liu mampu mengharungi pemilihan kali ini, Ronnie liu kalah dalam pertandingan bahagian DAp klang tempoh hari...bagi meneruskan survival politik dalam DAP, ronnie liu waajib menang dalam pemilihan jawatankuasa negeri selangor....namun kesukaran baginya menampakkan imej yang bersih dan telus akibat skandal yang dihadapinya...dia menjadi ikon pemimpin tidak bersih oleh kumpulan pembaharuan....

In making its round across the state, the Justice Reform Group has been using Liu as a major campaign issue and claiming that the national and state leadership shielded him during the recommendation letter controversy.

Meanwhile, the Unity Team showcased its 13 leaders during a fund-raising dinner in Serdang on Monday. Liu was not amongst the lineup.

Nonetheless, Liu made an appearance at the dinner function, but was the sole high-profile party leader to have left early.

Liu, known for his grassroots style of politics since joining DAP in 1988, is fighting a lonely do-or-die battle to make sure he is among the 15 elected committee members.

Failing to retain his post may threaten his position as a Selangor exco member and deal a major blow to his political career.

Liu himself has been coy about the party polls and maintained an unusually low profile following the recommendation letters fiasco.

Asked about this, Liu said with a chuckle when contacted: "Sometimes, silence is more eloquent than noise.”

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