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Rompakan Bersenjata di The Curve


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Oct 17, 2009
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Daring robbery at The Curve goes viral
Submitted by Najiah on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

G. Prakash
Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 12:35:00

Armed robbery at The Curve

TOO DARING: (from top left, clockwise) Pic 1 shows the first suspect entering the shop armed with a parang which he aims at the victim; Pic 2 shows he is later joined by two accomplices; Pic 3 shows them ransacking the counter and taking money from the cash machine while the victim is held in another room; Pic 4 shows the suspects cooly walking out, indicating the job done

KUALA LUMPUR: The CCTV footage taken of a beauty product outlet being robbed on a Monday afternoon last month by three robbers, one armed with a parang, has now made its way to several Internet websites.

The 10-minute video, in a slow-motion run, has been posted on YouTube and Facebook, among others.

The incident, on Sept 27, has become a hot topic among local online community due to concerns of how fearless robbers seemed have become nowadays.

In the video, a man enters the shop and coolly walks towards the counter at the back where a shop assistant is seated. Even more shocking was that sight of this suspect openly carrying a parang as he walked into the outlet.

The video footage showed the man point the parang at the shop assistant. At knife-point, she is directed into a room behind the counter while two of his accomplices — in the same attire — are then seen walking into the shop.

The two other suspects start ransacking the counter. They open the cash register and scoop up the cash.

A cellphone is also taken from the drawers.

While this takes place, the victim is still being held at knife-point inside the room. There were no customers at the outlet then.

The three suspects leave the robbed outlet in turn, leaving the shop assistant still in the room. Many who viewed the video footage wondered if the victim was in any way harmed.

Petaling Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Arjunaidi Mohamed said: "Luckily, she was unharmed during the incident. She told us the suspect only threatened her with the parang and instructed her to remain silent."

A team of police officers later retrieved the CCTV footage and the suspects' fingerprints.

The value of the loot the three suspects took could not be immediately ascertained, but it is believed to be less than RM2,000.

"So far, we have not arrested anyone and police were unable to get a proper photo-fit of the suspects as the CCTV footage were unclear," said Arjunaidi.

Traumatised by the event, the victim took a week's break from work.
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Apa pulak perompak ni *****...Polis dapat cam diorang tak? Yang bebalnya toke kedai ni ...pasang cctv tapi yang cap ayam punya...beli tepi jalan . Muka perompak pun takleh cam. Lagi satu boleh dikatakan semua orang pasang cctv dari bird eyes view..macamana nak nampak muka..nampak kepala botak kat tengah adalahhh..
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