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RM25.00-40.00 untuk 1 tiket wayang? Gila ke???

Tiket Wayang Rm25.00-RM40.00....

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Mar 11, 2008
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All was made clear when I stepped into the Platinum class lounge an hour early that day. There, I was greeted by a vast waiting lounge that was almost as big as a five-star hotel’s lobby, complete with huge comfy sofa chairs and four automated massage chairs. In one corner are three computers for Internet surfing, and an X-Box to keep you occupied while waiting for the movie. The lounge is also Wi-Fi enabled, and patrons are given a refillable complimentary soft drink on top of all that.

If you think that was an extravagant for a “mere movie”, then wait till you see the movie suites. All the seats in the four 20-seater halls are HUGE armchairs that have reclining backs and leg rests. In fact, if there was one complaint I had about them it is that they are so comfortable I almost curled up and fell asleep before the movie even started.

Of course, there is a catch behind all the luxury - tickets to the Platinum Suites cost RM40 a pop, for which you can watch four movies in a regular cinema hall.

Sure, it’s slightly cheaper on weekdays before 6pm though, costing only RM25 each; but then again, how many of us can actually watch a movie on a weekday during office hours?

agak2 korang la....boleh ke korang habiskan duit untuk tu semata-mata nak tgk wayang.....?
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