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Oct 19, 2008
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Can someone please tell me why this pair should reverse its down

trend any time soon?

Hi radatats, I can see your chart was taken from the GBPUSD daily..The cable have been

staring at its bottomless pit like a deer in front of headlights for months now. Like the

picture suggests, GBPUSD has to break that upper resistance trendline before a reversal can

be said to take place.. And by price closing above the No 2 level of the 123 bottom( where

your 2nd purple arrow was), an uptrend can be said to confirmed in the midterm.MACD positive

divergence to price can also be seen on your chart which foretells a probable bullish run.
But remember, technical analysiswise,the trend is still down and traders are looking to sell

at any good upward correction level. I see no changes..''Buy the dips, Sell the

rallies''..ratatatata..thats just the way it is..

Hello Mystic, I am enjoying your threads and trying hard to understand

it all. I am a realitively new to forex trading and your way of trading fits the style of

trading I would like to master. So again Thank You and keep up the good work.

Since I am a reader of your treads, can you please send me a copy of the e-books listed

below. I would very much appreciate it.

1 The Art Of Creativity
2 Fibonacci Trading - How To Master The Time and Price Advantage

Tsk tsk tsk tsk...ur enjoying my threads and still trying hard to understand it all? Nice

paradox, jehunter...believe me, ur not all alone...such is
If one of your New Year resolutions is to invest in yourself positively and creatively, I'll

be glad to help in that respect, mon ami..Please pm your email address so I can send it to


So for today, Friday the 2nd of January 2009, we are looking at GBPUSD 15 minute chart where

TA wise, price is supposed to make a turnaround to the downside..while fundamentally, price

is supposed to go up due to the lower expectations of the US ISM reports coming out 4pm

Nigerian time.. so in less than 10mins from now, news is coming out...To Be Or Not To Be? TA

we put a sell stop on GBPUSD @ 14515..1ST TARGET @ 14490..2ND TARGET @ 14465..14415...
Also a BUY stop @ 14535..1st target @ 14575..2nd target @ 14515..3rd target @ 14655..50 pip

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Oct 19, 2008
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Thank You. I am definately interested in investing in myself

positively and creatively for the new year. I would like nothing better than to get off to

a good start for the new year. See my pm mail address below to send me the 1 The Art Of

Creativity & 2 Fibonacci Trading - How To Master The Time and Price Advantage.

PM email address

[email protected]

:)Thank you again.
cool....please check your email box in some few hours,jehunter..And a tip..maybe you could consider WRITING your goals out for the year 2009..10 to 15 goals are okay..might be daily, weekly or monthly..just write it out and go through them regularly so as to keep focused,okay..Brian Tracy taught that strategy.

apa menatang dia ni merepek ni.....

shuo.. if i yarn wafi for you,you go ja..abi no be to gazu the kuza naim be the

am whether you go understand wetin me yarn

What the name of this system? Is it really good like I see on this

Yes it is,Strategist...The name is the CHART PATTERN RECOGNITION AND PRICE PROJECTION STRATEGY. I dont mean to brag, but its one of the best techniques any dedicated trader could use to be profitable in the markets..I get invited to speak on international traders conferences on this least,thats shows how good it is. Though it is not 100% perfect neither is it the ''Holy Grail'',you can be rest assured that your trading performance would get the required EDGE to beat the markets,especially in the long term.

Quote from TradeViper:

forexgreen, very smart to show only 71% positive trade rate, not an outrageous number

like 90%, but not too low. Now if the statement was audited and certified by an

internationally known firm, I think it might just matter. By the way, where are Mandel and


Tradeviper,your venom is simply out of this world, you know..seems you really took the time to go through my performance report over the last 3 months of turbulent trading. Actually, I didnt even know it was up to 71%, so you must be a good statistician. You can manipulate the figures but you cant manipulate the graph of the detailed report.Check the graph below the figures again and see if they match.Even if alien extra terrestians fly down with their UFO to audit the report, there would still be doubting I'm not bothered.
Look at Madoff..Are you trying to tell me that 'internationally known firms' didnt audited his reports over a decade before +$50 billion was ripped off? some say Steven Spielberg, who
was one of the 'casualities', might get sued by Madoff for the rights of the pending
Hollywood blockbuster film chronicling the scandal.
I believe in honesty and ethics in my chosen path..Trading is a vocation where many are
called but few are chosen.I've paid my dues and am still paying my dues in this
industry,tradeviper..easy on the hiss,plzzz
By the way, Who are Mandel and Reaver? Sounds like Beavith n Butthead?

[09:30:38 05/01/09] Stalion : helloo fellas

[09:31:09 05/01/09] Stalion : no news worthy item for Monday so we stick to our friday's

short call

[09:34:59 05/01/09] Learning_pips : hi stal

[09:38:18 05/01/09] Learning_pips : its quite funny though in carolyn's book there is a

mention of a gartley pattern which is a complete opp of the 1-2-3 pattern

[09:40:45 05/01/09] Stalion : hmmmm....havent had time to read it myself

[09:42:19 05/01/09] Learning_pips : its chapter 8, two step pattern..she identifies the

1-2-3 pattern/gartley pattern as a continuation pattern..quite interesting..

[09:42:46 05/01/09] blue : hi

[09:42:55 05/01/09] Stalion : gartley pattern on fibonnacci?

[09:43:05 05/01/09] Learning_pips : just goes to show how many ways patterns can be

interpreted by different people

[09:43:16 05/01/09] Stalion : helloo there blue

[09:43:46 05/01/09] Learning_pips : basically fibs have to applied on the pattern to

identify a cluster

[09:45:03 05/01/09] Learning_pips : "The two-step trade setup is a zigzag pattern that

corrects a prior trend"

[09:45:09 05/01/09] Stalion : range/consolidation pattern? can u identify it on a chart?

[09:45:44 05/01/09] blue : Stalion im new here

[09:46:04 05/01/09] Learning_pips : basically the pattern is exactly the same as a 1-2-3

pattern but she says that its a continuation pattern

[09:46:10 05/01/09] Stalion : cool....howz trading, blue?

[09:46:26 05/01/09] blue : Stalion not so gud

[09:47:18 05/01/09] Stalion : meaning d downtrend would continue? can you give us an example

on a live chart?

[09:47:24 05/01/09] Learning_pips : so according to her once we have points 1 and 2, we can

apply fibs to identify a cluster where 3 would be and the price after it reaches 3 would

continue its decline if we take 1-2-3 as a bottom

[09:47:55 05/01/09] Stalion : how do you mean, blue?

[09:48:35 05/01/09] blue : Stalion im bearing a lot of loss for past few months

[09:48:36 05/01/09] Learning_pips : well there are numerous examples n the book, i am trying

to establish it in the live charts..will keep u posted..any insights on today

[09:50:41 05/01/09] blue : Stalionim so tense now a days

[09:50:49 05/01/09] Stalion : whatabout strategy?

[09:51:48 05/01/09] blue : Stalion actually i was just trading by my own mind and short

trade with the stop but mostly i faced my stop hit

[09:52:48 05/01/09] Stalion : as in, what is ur strategy in which you've been using all

those while?

[09:53:21 05/01/09] blue : Stalion actually i just watch chart with 1 hourly candle and its


[09:59:07 05/01/09] Stalion : hey, dats not a strategy ,blue...just a hourly candle and

spread? did you take any training before going live?

[09:59:07 05/01/09] Maurizio77 : morning all - happy new year

[09:59:13 05/01/09] blue : hi im from pak

[10:00:13 05/01/09] blue : Stalion unfortunately im not trained and thts why im so tense

[10:11:47 05/01/09] realjimmy : such a good day!!! you guys win??

[10:13:13 05/01/09] Learning_pips : no jimmy..missed it

[10:17:03 05/01/09] Stalion : blue, in trading, you have to be trained for you are going

against professionals that have been in the game for years and know what they are

doing...its like a novice trying to play in the Champions chance of winning if

you are not aware of the rules of d game

[10:29:49 05/01/09] Stalion : also using different free signals from different sources on ur

live account is only asking to get blown out on margin accountability or

committment from both sides..

[10:34:59 05/01/09] Maurizio77 : reckon we'll be seeing a breakout on eur/jpy soon

[10:40:46 05/01/09] Stalion : for euroyen, we put a sell stop @ 127.49...1st target @

127.25..2nd target @ 127.08...50 pip sl

[10:45:37 05/01/09] effendy40 : hi stalion

[10:49:50 05/01/09] blue : Stalion wht wil be its buying stop

[10:51:22 05/01/09] Stalion : well, for now, no buying stop since we are looking for eurjpy

to go down in the short term...dats why the sell stop

[10:54:14 05/01/09] Learning_pips : stal the eurjpy entry is 1-2-3 if i am not worng?

[10:57:27 05/01/09] Stalion : 1st target hit on eurjpy..take half profits and move stop loss

to entry

[10:58:52 05/01/09] Stalion : the 123 pattern has already been fulfilled with the high at


[10:59:23 05/01/09] Stalion : remember different techniques as price moves


[10:59:45 05/01/09] Stalion : 2nd target hit on eurjpy!

[11:00:19 05/01/09] Stalion : 41 pips made in less than 1 hour on a monday morning

[11:00:27 05/01/09] Learning_pips : right..sorry realised that later

[11:02:16 05/01/09] Learning_pips : i just checked, our entry point was at 60% sell window

of the previous swing..nice!

[11:04:55 05/01/09] Stalion : cool...great start to the week...and for the New Year..

[11:11:42 05/01/09] Stalion : dats all for today...tommorrow is another day...41 pips,$41

minilot,$410 standard lot on eurjpy...

Helloo fellow traders, for today Teusday 6th of January,1.15 am, we put a sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1.4635..1st target @ 1.4605..2nd target @ 1.4575..3rd target @ 1.4545...50 pips stop loss..take half profits when +20 pips ahead then shift stop loss to entry point.


Oct 19, 2008
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Seeing the charts market looks to be mixed once again. whats your take on it,jeff?

Quote from Reaver:


If bull**** was a bra, you'd be top heavy. S******* piece of s***.
Nice of you to drop in,Reefer..I mean,Beaver..didnt know tradeviper was calling his

bullyboys over to this thread..maybe you could do us a good turn by trying to write just one

verse without a curse..your comment makes an xrated movie sound like a sunday school picnic

Avishek Roy (Harry Ainlay Senior High) wrote:
hi im a new trader, and i read ur stuff...great job! i was wondering if i could get in on

this chat that you guys do...and what time do u trade? i was told the london open was a good

time to start

Thanks for your mail,Avishek..nice to hear you guys are enjoying my thread on

Facebook..London Session is usually the time we trade daily..The chat is subscription based

where active and serious traders earn and learn at the same time..

how do i get ur chart pattern
I saw ur posts so i am interested in the chart how do i get it. Secondly

i am new to forex but God in his infinite mercy directed me here and i know this may be the

miracle i need.
Hi Kento,we give All glory to God Almighty for everything as we are just His instruments.
But I'm not sure I understand what you meant by getting 'chart pattern', since these charts

posted are based on daily trades during market sessions. If you meant how you can get the

system, it is not a mechanical system where you send to an email box or something..It is

more of a simple discretionary system that is thoroughly explained from mentor to

student(s)..Seasoned traders, the liberal ones at that, might just go through charts and

'get it'..but the risk is that the edge tend to get faded out in time, if too much details

are written out on public forums.So there must be a balance..
You also have to understand that the miracle you need is inside of YOU..You have to be AWARE

that the FORCE is in you..not outside of you..My mission is not just about forex training,

forex signals and forex managed account services..but it is more of helping others discover

and being AWARE of our inherent possibilities. I'm aware of myself here and trying to let

others know that they can still do better than me if they have the proper mindset and

dedication to getting to the next level in trading or whatever they set their minds to. Rome

wasnt built in a day..

Quote from oraclewizard77:


Do you actually watch the trade all the time until you are out?

Do you put in hard stops and targets? I would think if the broker sees the stop especially

on large account size, they will just spike the market down to take out your stop.

Hi oraclewizard, it is nice to see that Elite trader have at least one positive comment on

this thread..from your question, it seems you are averse to watching trades until you are

out..It all depends on your style of trading and the times we are in..For intraday and

momentum trading, it pays to watch your trades due to incoming high impact news that might

affect market dynamics..
You can still put in your stops and targets, go play golf, and be back to see your equity

increase by some good percentage.But you have to get to a particular SKILL LEVEL in order to

achieve that.Markets tend to be on a range/accumulation phase 80% of the time, while

breakouts are usually seen 20% of the time. This type of market tends to keep newbies out

because they come looking for short term quick buck. By the time the rookie traders come to

the market, the move has probably expired.This type of market is for the PATIENT trader that

knows what is going on and can wait out long periods of boredom like a panther measuring its

Do you think top traders like Dan Zanger, Paul Rotter,etc, get bothered about the time it

takes to haul in substantial profits from the markets? It all comes at a price, in which,

80% of traders are not ready and willing to pay, and thats a major reason they fail.''aww,

cant wake up in the early morning for good trades'',..''need set and forget system while am

in tahiti sipping margaritas and pina coladas'',my blood pressure's too high to be running

around like a chicken without a head'', ''..etc..
Swing trading and position trading is more better for those traders that cant find the

patience to watch their trades for profitable returns.

Depending on your account size, stops are normally fixed at major support and resistance

areas..some traders use the Average True Range(ATR) to determine their stops, which is also

part of good risk management.
There are honest brokers and there are dishonest brokers..the dishonest bucketshops are the

ones giving the trading industry a bad name in which they aggressively advertise to the

public..Its not limited to forex alone though...we got bad eggs in the stock markets too,

where Nightmare On Wall Street is having its estate..toxic bonds in the

Phantom of Solace,..even the few bad eggs in Nigeria,419, tend to spoil the good names of

majority of the hardworking populace who are trying to make a honest living..


So its a worldwide phenomenon..until the bucketshops, Wall Street, fake HYIPs,fraudsters

come to realize that their negative actions tend to affect ALL humanity in one way or the

other, we would still be having all sorts of minor and major recessions..Their get quick

rich materialistic tendencies, at all costs, would also get back to them in the long run

since we are all one..

P.S..You might consider ECNs....they are likely to be more honest and rarely consider

spiking the markets to their 'best interests' since they make their money mainly from


Sell stop on GBPUSD @ 15280..1st target @ 15225..2nd target @ 15182...50 pip sl...also buy EURUSD @ 13700..1st target @ 13725..25 pip stop loss


Dec 30, 2008
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Hi Stalion,

I saw some -ve and some +ve comments on your thread. I don't really care about those -ve comments. It's not fair to judge boobs by its cover ;). Personally am impressed with the strategy you are using and I would like to learn it from you. Can you please tell how I can join you during trading. Thanks.


Oct 19, 2008
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Originally posted by Julieviola:
[QB] I really don't much about the psychology of stock trading but one that got me is the

"having" or the noobs quest for more money. As novice in this field I try to take a lot of

advice from many sectors and other forums similar to this one but my problem is information


It's so easy for a novice to get overloaded with information that instead of making a head

way in their quest to make more money, they simply sucks and cannot function as they should.

Don't get me wrong but the original thread is something for a novice like me to really put

into consideration.

Thanks for the tip [/QB]

Hi Julie...thanks for your are right when you mentioned the ''paralysis by

analysis'' factor that disable the functions of majority of the traders due to information

overload.In pursuit of the quest for profits, most of us tend to disregard the knowledge,

patience and determination required to come out on top in any field of endeavour,instead we

only focus on money..''how much can I make daily?''...I deserve a 100 pips dropping like

clockwork each and every day''... Stay with me here,viola, there's a madness to the method

and method to the madness..Its called the LAW OF DETACHMENT...thanks once again for your

comments, julieviola

Hey forexgreenland, we have missed you at NIGERIA BEST FORUM . NBF.
Since its been a while, we thought we would send you a personal invitation to return.

Hello, forexgreenland!
We've noticed that you've not been active on for quite some time now, and we

miss you!

Could we not tempt you back? need to do that,mon back....just being occupied by lots of projects little or no time to post as much as before...

It seems like one of the most common questions we get, especially

from those new to trading, is something along the lines of "Which is better? Technical

analysis or fundamental analysis?" There's no perfect answer to that question, just like

there is no perfect technical system, nor perfect fundamental criteria. In fact, the best

answer may simply be "It depends on what works for your style of trading".

So if you choose one strategy, then work for it.. But if you want to use the two, then

that's better.. Combination of these two methods could give you too much advantage.

Nice observation, dollarfinder...I concur with your findings...There's no 100% perfect

system, whether technical analysis or fundamental news analysis..What matters most is proper

RISK MANAGEMENT in trading.. How long can your equity last if your system is on a losing

streak? How far can you go when the market goes schizophrenic over a period? 5 trades? 20

trades? 50 or a 100 trades before margin call...Hot situation makes a nice one, whatchu

gonna 911?That is what majority of the professional traders focus on when

trading...Even in cooking, recipes of dishes are added proportionally, instead of putting

the ingredients all at the same time.. That proportional blending eventually brings about a

nice savoury dish....yumm yumm..Anyone hungry?

Frank Says:

Hello, thank you for this Posting. I am reading this Blog very often and i like to read this

blog. I hope you writing alot in this Blog. What you have to doo is to write more in this

Blog about everything.

Hi Mistikal,

You responded to my message on 01/06/09 regarding the two e-books listed below: I have not

received them as-of-yet. Please send them to me at your earliest convience, I am anxious to

learn how to trade in this new year. My PM address [email protected]

1 The Art Of Creativity
2 Fibonacci Trading - How To Master The Time and Price Advantage

Thank You and keep up the good work! You're the best.:)

I know, I know, jehunter....better to be the hunter than to be the hunted,especially of send it as soon as possible,okay...

Hi Stalion,

I saw some -ve and some +ve comments on your thread. I don't really care about those -ve

comments. It's not fair to judge boobs by its cover ;). Personally am impressed with the

strategy you are using and I would like to learn it from you. Can you please tell how I can

join you during trading. Thanks.

Darn hayabusat,easy on the boobs fixation,okay...or you want to change the title of ''Sex in

the City'' to Sex in the Trading?not that healthy for clarity of mind..I must say.. Trading

mostly commences during the London Session where you have less range activity and more

stable volatility.

[10:02:58] Stalion : sell gbpusd @ 13920...1st target @ 13840...2nd target @ 13765...50 pip sl.



Oct 19, 2008
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Hello Stallion,

You have not been posting for some time now. hope all is okay???

Please if you dont mind,i will like to ask you to tell me how you do draw your
trendlines on the price chart and MACD.
what and what do you consider or do before and while drawing them.

Also i want to develop a good entry and exit method while trading so that i will not enter

late or leave too soon on the market. please advise me on how to do this .

Please advise

Onwuka Arisa

Helloo there Onwuka, nice to get your mail... We thank God for everything..We should also

know there are times we shouldnt ignore our personal needs in order to satisfy others

needs..A burnt out Stallion is of no good to himself or to the people..just cant give out

from an empty cup whether you see it half filled or creative silence or quiet time

is essential for each and every human being..Mind you, you dont have to be a hermit

hibernating in a cave or a monk in the Himalayas before you get the centre of balance

within.. seems your questions have been asked before, and the answer was given..most times,

I often had to go back and read through the whole thread so as to get a better perspective

of where we are coming from and where we are

To summarize, trendlines are connected from the current resistance/support high or low to

the previous resistance/support high or low of the candlebars.

It is also connected, if using MACD,between the current peak(highs) to the previous peak or

between the current trough(lows) and previous troughs of the MACD line. When the price

trendline is ascending in an uptrend and MACD trendline is descending in a downtrend, it is

called NEGATIVE DIVERGENCE.. When price trendline is downward and MACD trendline is upward,


Good entries and exits are also strategies that depends mainly on risk management principles

like risk to reward ratios.Most newbie traders/sportsmen wants to know the tricks...instant

gratification without expenditure of responsibilty..Your entries might be good but whatabout

whipsaws?what if you had perfect entry but the timing of the move sucks?How much are you

prepared to risk if the ''perfect entry'' does not manifest? Those are questions we should

ask ourselves before and during trading..

Can anyone recommend a good platform for trading CFDs?
Hi Natalie, to paraphrase annacoulli..

annacoull said:
Brokers fall into 3 broad categories: ECN, non dealing and market maker

and from experience I have found there are at least 16 questions you should ask before

opening a forex account and these are as follows:

1. What is the net capital of the company
2. Is the company regulated
3. Is the company a dealer or a broker
4. What are the leverage and margin rules
5. What are the costs of trading
6. Does the company offer telephone support
7. How easy is the platform to use
8. Is the trading platform reliable
9. What is the charting like
10. How long has the company been in business
11. What reputation does it have in the forums
12. Trading style and order types
13. Micro, mini and regular account spreads
14. Interest on the account
15. Hedge trades allowed
16. Rollover

Once you have your answers it is so important to select a broker which matches your trading

style - it is pointless opening an account with a broker which is classified as a market

maker and then expect to be able to scalp - you will not be able to do so because spreads

widen alarmingly when the markets are volatile.

So CFDs(Contracts for Difference), are cash settled derivatives that reflect their

underlying markets like stocks, futures or forex contracts.CFDs can easily be traded short,

transaction speeds are usually fast, and they have low margin specifications, like 10% for

shares, 5% for share indices,5% for futures and 2% for currencies.They are also generally

open ended, as in, they have no expiration dates like options, commodities or warrants.

Another thing that makes CFDs stand out is they are available for diverse underlying markets

like the US, UK AND European shares CFDs, sector CFDs like Banks, Real Estate,Oil and Gas,

as well as forex and futures pairs.

hello whats your setting for MACD indicater . Thanks.
Helloo nasir.khan...any relation with genghis or kublai khan? anyways, you can just use the

standard settings on your platform, which is usually 12,26,9.. You could still tweak the

settings and compare the changes on the MACD indicator to price above...whichever one fits

your style is okay...

yeah i know forexgreenland your work speaks for itself.........but can you

tell me why you always summit chats on your maximum post. don't you have anything to

Hmmm, this sounds like a counterattack from one of the feminine species,not just a welcome

party....Somebody stop me!You want to know why, mami? It is because those chats and charts

mainly represents a reflection of operations in the trading trenches..reflects trading minds

at different levels in which enlightening market themes and principles can be glimpsed and

learnt from..
At the risk of getting my eyes scratched out by our female folks, there are some

observations on the gender aspect to trading.females are less willing to take risk but more

willing to stick to their rules..Alpha male stereotypes tend to do the opposite..too much

machismo, too much ego on the line...brings about stumbling blocks to our trading

if good traders are consistent at abiding to their rules and not taking unnecessary risks,

the ladies should do better in their pyschological makeup to trading. So guys, we got a lot

to learn from our womenfolk..thanks for your constructive criticism, Anne



Oct 19, 2008
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How to set the graph become like this ?

Hi khairu, the red and blue lines you see on the chart is brought about through putting up a

buy or sell order, which reflects on the ''graph''...To write out a text, just click the

''Insert'' tab above, next to ''View'' tab on your MT4 platform.. There, you can also

experiment with trendlines, shapes, arrows, fib, gann..etc...just play around with it first

and see how it translates on your chart.

So for today, Teusday, we could see a head and shoulder pattern on the GBPUSD 15 min

chart,so we are looking for a bearish move down
Sell stop on cable @ 14614...1st target @ 14565..2nd target @ 14535..50 pips stop

loss...Take half profits when +20 pips ahead, then shift stop loss to sell entry level.

Hmmm the chart is showing breakout for short sell

Cool..Fxcool...if it breaks our triangle to the downside, we are looking at a short sell,

like you said..but if price breaches the ''HEAD''(1.4775) level of the Head and shoulder

pattern, then we might be seeing the continuation of a new buy stop at

14775..1st target @ 14825, 2nd target @14865..50 pip stop loss



Oct 19, 2008
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Arise and Shine Above the Recession with God the Sun by Aghogho Puegeren

‘’Metaphorically, this present global economic recession is like a World Economic War in humanitarian proportions! And it supposed to last for three and half years. YES, 31/2 YEARS, If individuals and nations apply these principles of Arise and Shine!
The season of recovery begins today as each implement these eternal principles that never fails.

Prophetically, this global economic crisis is also God’s way of saying that world leaders, including President Obama, should take the right direction and eschew pride and greed in charting policies that affect the common man. Greece, Italy, Spain were Old Empires in history. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Ferdinand II founded these Empires, that are presently in the front burner of the global economic recession’’.
Arise and Shine Above the Recession with God the Sun [Kindle Edition] by Aghogho Puegeren


Oct 19, 2008
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Leading The Awakened Giant Into the Promised Land.

Greetings Forexgreenland Knights,

‘’Leading the Awakened Giant into the Promised Land’’, is my new work fresh off the oven 2015. It goes beyond African studies and how it relates to the current events happening all around the world.

The phenomenon of the Chinese Stock Market Crash of over 8% this past few days of July 2015, have its roots in my new book.

Yet technically analytically speaking, the signs of a 123 top manifested May 2015 when the markets bit the bullet and over 30% (+ $2 trillion) in value was obliterated in the Shanghai Composite Index.

That was the wakeup call but someone was yet to start listening seriously to me. Yahoo made the star of their cartoon jokes almost day when I opened the Yahoo!News page. Yapping about when a squirrel was found on a shoulder of a maestro and it was time to short and all that. It became a self fulfilling prophecy for the homeland of Yahoo Chinese founder,Jerry Yang, when a head and shoulder pattern formed this month of July signifying a bearish pattern movement in the Shanghai Composite Index. And when it rained, it not only pours but floods.

My diligent students would have made a killing (pardon my pun) simply by tracing an uptrendline between and linking the two bottom lows and shorting (selling) at the break of avalanche of overbought stocks a few weeks back. Even MACD indicator were showing overbought signals but 40 million Chinese rookies, 3 million rookies per week with over $335 billion (+2 trillion Yuan), were greedily and ignorantly loading the boat every single day .

Yet here I am, requesting and waiting for a measly $300 donation for ministry support to help mankind since January 2015! How cold hearted can mankind prove themselves to be? Mamma Mia! Santa Maria!

I even had a lucid dream about that vivid waterfall bearish move some nights back. The door is still open though for some kindhearted philanthropists to prove mankind wrong. So back to the excepts from my new book.

Over time, we have seen or read about all sorts of national or regional movements like Pax Britannia, Pax Romana, Pax Germannia, Pax Slavannia, etc.
But when it comes to Africa and its people, what brings about the spokes in its wheel of progress for her desired unification from Cape Town to Cairo? Whose interests does the balkanization and partitioning of the African continent, its vast natural resources and people serve?
I believe you do not need to be a natural mystic to grasp Bob Marley’s hit track song,
’ ‘Africa Unite’’: released in the 70’s.

Prophetically, the Rastafarian singer saw into the future, beyond the past and made that call! But how many people and nations really took him seriously? Oh, the ethnicism, tribalism, racialism, wars, famine, bribery and corruption in high places was too important to wave off and unite as one, right? Wrong!

Imagine a seven year old child trying to solve a piece of a puzzle, like Mario Puzo, where the picture of a brown elephant had been torn into fifty two pieces of paper. Unite the picture, and he gets a reward of riding on a live elephant in an all expense paid weekend African safari tour. What to do? At the back page of the puzzle were glittering adverts of mundane shopping items like the latest black berry phones, Ferrari cars, candies, and so on.

Less than 3 days working on this draft manuscript, it happened:
‘’Ferrari Files for NYSE IPO
By Dow Jones Business News, July 23, 2015, 07:55:00 AM EDT
MILAN—Ferrari filed a preliminary prospectus with U.S. regulators on Thursday to proceed with an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange that could value the Italian luxury sports-car manufacturer at as much as €10 billion ($10.93 billion).
The number of shares to be sold and the price range—which would make it possible to figure out the company's potential value—haven't yet been determined, said Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, which owns 90% of Ferrari’’.
For a long time, the boy was distracted by focusing on these trivialities and frivolities that would not add any value to his goal. At a point, he had an inspiration and figured out the right solution. Simply overturn all the pieces of seducing promos to the opposite direction, and then arrange them according to the big picture of an elephant that he already have at the back of his mind through watching Discovery Channel! A minute later, the form of a head with two ivory tusks emerged, followed by the trunk, the legs, etc. In less than an hour, he achieved his purpose and got his reward.

This is a reflection of the microcosm within the macrocosm of the realities on ground in Africa. When you are faced with darkness, turn towards the Light in the opposite direction. No matter how far you have gone down on the wrong and broad road, there is still a decision time for the turning point in the opposite direction that leads to the right and narrow way.

Conversely, African interests are quite different, if not divergent from the Arab, Persian, Greek and Roman travelers and traders that encountered her in the course of history. Just like the story of the Good Samaritan and the wounded traveler, the priests and Levites that passed him by did not have much reason or time to really address his predicament and seek his cure. All man for himself, and God for all! To your tents, O Israel!
Any wonder why Arabic documentation and early European explorers’ studies about their encounter with Africa was majorly focused on trade and economic concerns, particularly the notorious slave trade industry. The capitalist, materialist, and mercantilist motives of our dear neighbours hardly gave room for tending the hemorrhagic bleeding profusely gushing out from Mama Africa’s bowels. Sharks smelt blood and engaged in a feeding frenzy. Vultures, though scavenging predators, could not resist the picking and plucking of helpless prey.

So deconstructing the research of studies of Africa should not be left to outsiders, but should be vigorously pursued by insiders. Africans should feel challenged in a world where emerging powers like the BRICS; Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are progressively overturning rigid global geopolitics. The future of Africa lies in the hands of Africans! Shifting from the staid paradigm of slave mentality robotism to taking full responsibility of their manifest destiny is of utmost importance.

When the World Bank in 2000 asked the question: ‘’Can Africa claim its place in the 21st century?” Fifteen years after, how many African leaders have taken the bull by the horn, and staked Africa’s place at the head of the international community? How far has the African followership and system thrown up God fearing, charismatic and competent leaders who genuinely have the best interests of their people constantly in mind and at heart?

Neo colonization, the ICTs revolution, the advancement of gender and intergenerational relations, far reaching complex neoliberal globalization, climate change, changes in intercultural relations at the global level, poverty, rapid urbanization, the emergence of knowledge societies, the evolution of spirituality and of the status and the role of religion in modern societies, the emergence of a multi-polar world, etc can be overcome and transformed to our advantage.
The crab mentality of pulling down the best of our best and suppressing the top eleven into obscurity instead of to the front lines evidently have never favoured the black man or Negroes in Africa and Diaspora.

Even Messi, arguably the best contemporary footballer in the world can hardly replicate his ball genius in his native South American Argentina. He led his professional club Barcelona to Champions League, EUFA League, Spanish League, etc, triumphs. Yet it is a different ball game at home. How can he tell the world that his own brethren were jealous of his genius and star success? How can he give that as a reason why he rarely flows on the pitch in his freewheeling inborn style at national assignments, like he naturally does abroad in his professional club?
King Solomon, in one of his proverbs intoned; Righteousness exalts a nation but sin or rebellion is a reproach to the people. Proverbs 14:34

Pax Africana is not just an intellectual concept but it is more of a spiritual phenomenon. The beliefs and way of life of the people drives them to determine their own fate in the community of nations. If you believe you can, you are right; if you believe you can’t, you are also right!
Understanding why Africa is at the heart of ancient and new global political and economic strategies is the key to recognizing where and whence Africa and Africans came from and are going to. The cradle of civilization is the first and the last strategy in the scheme of Subsequent Creation. This goes far beyond the Empires of Mali, Songhai, Benin, Oyo, etc. It penetrates into the records of the Sacred Scriptures of the Bible.
Consequently, the opportunities for our continent to reposition itself in the world, and refocus the international community with regard to its own aims lies in going back to our original roots as recorded in the ancient texts. Every attempt to ignore her authentic heritage and follow the poisonous education of others, have always left Africa in the ditch, or at best, flung aside by the wayside of Life.

Overturning the "invention of Africa the last frontier “, into the "invention of the world" by Africa is the main purpose of African studies and of my book, ‘’Leading the Awakened Giant into the Promised Land’’.

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Saturday, July 11, 2015 3:41 PM
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From: "green land" <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Hello Xie Qiudong,
Yet to hear from you for a while. Hope you guys also didn't make the mistake of being influenced by negative interests that rather see me _ than fly?
''GUANGZHOU – Typhoon Linfa made landfall on Thursday in South China’s Guangdong province where trains had been suspended, schools closed and thousands of fishing boats recalled to port.
Linfa made landfall in Jiadong township, Shanwei city at 12:15 pm, packing winds of up to 35 m per second, according to the provincial meteorological station''.

As a young Landlord of good will and good faith; when one door is closed, another is opened, preferably in Petroleum Resources or Finance as soon as possible.

All opposition and deception against my ascendancy will be :

Buildings are torn apart in China as Typhoon Linfa hits Lufeng, south China

Please kindly extend my greetings and master class lessons to my fellow Landlords all around the world.
‘’Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him’’.
Psalms 2


Hmm, as if on cue, that same day,

Controversial Russian politician named deputy in Ukraine
The nomination of a Russian politician to a top post in Odessa has caused a flurry of controversy in the tense political atmosphere

Another practical demonstration of the Truth of Psalms 2, especially verse 8-9: ‘’Ask of Me, and I will give You the heathen for your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession. You shall break them with a rod of iron; you shall dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel’’.

Four days after my mail on Saturday 11, it happened:

George H.W. Bush, at 91 the oldest living former president, was being treated at a hospital early Thursday for a broken bone in his neck suffered in a fall. Bush, the 41st U.S. president, fell on Wednesday at his summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine, but was doing OK and was wearing a neck brace, a Bush spokesman said.

The Fall of Babylon, and the Whore of Babylon has been reflected and shall manifest soon.

Courtesy Psalm 2

Published on Jul 18, 2015

Two people have been killed in a crowd surge at a religious festival in the Indian state of Orissa.
Compliments from Psalm 2

Regards from Psalm 2

When things go wrong an apology could salvage a company's reputation, but most executives believe it's an admission of guilt and resort to weasel words instead.

A Point of View: The guilty thrill of reading other people's mail

The Reynolds Creek Wildland Fire, which started Tuesday afternoon near Grizzly Point on the east side of the park, was located Wednesday about 10 miles from the St. Mary Visitor Center along the Going-to-the-Sun Road, and moving in a northwest direction.

A landlord is the owner of a house, apartment, condominium, land or real estate which is rented or leased to an individual or business, who is called a tenant (also a lessee or renter).
Glory be to the LORD YHWH my KING GOD!

I BELIEVE THE CURRENT President of Nigeria, General Buhari need not repeat the mistakes of his predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan of alienating me from his cabinet. The whole world witnessed his waterloo at the 2015 elections, which was the consequence of his hypocrisy and wickedness.

Of course, Buhari is not a magician. All the more reason for the inclusion of the Miracle Worker in his Cabinet to work the much needed miracles for the success of his administration.

The Boko Haram and corruption issue can be resolved if President Buhari is willing to do the right thing and refrain from repeating the mistakes of his doomed predecessor, ex President Jonathan.

As a young Landlord of good will and good faith; when one door is closed, another is opened, preferably in Petroleum Resources or Finance as soon as possible.

All opposition and deception against my ascendancy will be:

A former Secretary to the Federal Government, and finance minister, Aminu Saleh, has died at age of 82.
Mr. Saleh, who served as the SGF under the Sani Abacha military government, died at the Federal Medical Centre, Azare, in Katagum Local Government Area of Bauchi state, Wednesday morning after a protracted illness.

Senate President Bukola Saraki has urged the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to thoroughly investigate the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).
NNPC is “where people who are the real engine room of corruption are,” he said
“Everywhere that there is corruption, some workers are there either participating or observing. We now have a great opportunity to win the war against corruption because we have a leadership led by President Muhammadu Buhari that we believe has the political will to do the right thing”

We take dressing and move at quick mark time like Wellington, instead of malingering. This goes beyond name change of Nigeria.
Of course, the name Nigeria needs to change. It was given by the colonialist Lord Lugard’s concubine, meaning Dark Area or Selfish area.
Sirach 31: 24: The city will complain of the one who is NIGGARDLY with food, and their testimony of his NIGGADLINESS is accurate.

Can you see why Nigeria breeds selfish and black hearted leaders and followers?
Britain means Bright land and it showed. China or Shinehar is also shining as the second largest economy of the world. But Nigeria…?

Land of Brighteria, Nation of Suneria, etc, are steps in the right direction to kick start the bright future of change and progress we need. Over 160 million souls cannot continue bearing the yoke wrought by a harlot in the 1900’s, which have been negatively affecting their destinies and that of unborn generations.

What is in a name? Name someone goodluck, he might rise from deputy governor to Governor, then to Vice President to President.
Name someone Segun or Victor and he might succeed in ruling a country victoriously for 3 times, once as a military ruler and twice as civilian President.
But the geopolitical expression named Nigeria..?
There’s a saying that a **** at 40 is a **** forever? At 55 years, this giant of Africa has come of age and it is high time to show it.

As a young Landlord of good will and good faith; when one door is closed, another is opened, preferably in Petroleum Resources or Finance as soon as possible.

All opposition and deception against my ascendancy will be:
Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam—India’s 11th president and its most famous rocket scientist—has died. Kalam, who was 83 years old,reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed during a lecture at the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong on July 27. He is survived by a 99-year-old brother.

Please kindly extend my greetings and master class lessons to my fellow Landlords all around the world.

The Ooni of Ife, Alayeluwa Oba Okunade Sijuwade is dead. He died today in London at the age of 85. Oba Sijuwade was the fifth Ooni of Ife.

Leading the Awakened Giant into the Promised Land Kindle Edition
by Aghogho Puegeren (Author)

This is the book that the Israeli Mossad, the British MI5 and MI6, the US CIA and FBI and the Roman Catholic Church do not want you to know about.
It delves into the peculiar challenges and solutions of the black race in particular, and the world in general.

The issues of Sandra Bland, the Cincinnati University cop and the unarmed black man, the Waterloo of Nigerian ex-President Jonathan and the emergence of President Buhari in the 2015 elections, the reason for the slide in China's stock market shares, and other practical master class lessons.

Please feel free to ask any questions or make some contributions.

Aghogho ‘’Parsifal’’ Puegeren, is the Buddha, Shogun and Taipan of the Seven Churches in Asia.
Chemical Engineering and Finance Alumnus from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, he practices what he preaches.

Vast amount of time, energy and financial resources was invested in this painstaking research for the good and progress of mankind. Ethical donations in cash or kind to support this ministry would be gratefully accepted from kind hearted individuals and organizations.

Phone Number +2348059039500

God bless you.


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