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Start: 21/02/2018

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Quatrex invites all potential partners to mutually beneficial cooperation in the robotics market. We have established fruitful cooperation with international developers of robotic technical devices with artificial intelligence.

However, in the process of expanding the horizons of activity, we need additional investment infusions to ensure the further development of the idea. By increasing working capital, we will get opportunities to effectively promote and implement our innovative developments in the international market of robotics.

In the last century, only selected and limited prospects could invest in the development of robotic machines, given the low scientific and technical potential at that time. But with the advent of the new century, everything changed. Now robots are used not only in the industrial economy - artificial intelligence is becoming popular in the service, education, medicine, trade, and this list is endless. There are no well-founded reasons to assume that the development of robotics and artificial intelligence will soon reach its apogee and will no longer develop.

The huge potential of this direction is confirmed by the annual trend of rapid growth of investments in the industry, the quantity and quality of brand new machines, "smart" and multifunctional.

The statement that our time - the era of large-scale globalization of robotics - is regularly confirmed in practice. And already in the next generation, almost every sphere of life can be closely interrelated with the activity of programmed cybernetic machines, which will bring billions, or even trillions of dollars, to the development companies in the foreseeable future. Tomorrow, human work can be facilitated, new solutions to everyday tasks are found, the general standard of living of mankind is raised.

We are interested in the rapid development of the industry and the reduction in the payback period of investments. Invest in a high-profit business with minimal risks by joining us. We guarantee absolute transparency of activity, confidentiality and observance of all rights of our partners within the framework of the current legislation.

Increase your well-being and create the future together with us!

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6% daily for 24 days

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