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PROFIKeeper - program for work with payment systems

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Jul 3, 2007
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Hello, All!

Let present you PROFIKeeper - program for work with payment systems.

PROFIKeeper - the computer program - she allows quickly and in the convenient form to look balance of your accounts, history of payments, make transfer or mass payment.

Much easier pressing of one button to check up balances of the accounts of several payment systems, than to waste time an enter for a site of each payment system, input of various data. Or you need to see history of payments - two pressing by a mouse and you already see history of payments on the necessary account!

PROFIKeeper - it is considerable economy of your time and convenience in work! This necessary tool in work as professional, and the beginner in the world of electronic payments and business in the Internet.

Features of the program:
- work with payment systems - LibertyReserve, E-gold, PerfectMoney, AlterGold, V-Money, UkrMoney
- full work with accounts (balance, history payments, make payments and mass pay)
- expanded history function
- automatic check of balance with the set interval and tune sound at its change
- automatic check of availability of sites paysystem with the set interval
- information interchange with payment systems protected https protocol
- supports proxy servers
- supports additional password on payments
- the mandatory main password on program start
- all impotant data are stored encrypted
- internal monitoring of exchangers
- internal support-chat

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