New MMORPG Celestial Destroyer(ZhuXian Online) Review

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Nov 3, 2008
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Celestial Destroyer is a F2P ( Free to Play ) 1st English version MMORPG with a touch of Chinese Epic Adventures, based on the popular chinese love story novel in a superb game engine, concept and 3D graphics. The game has been well-received among domestic online game players since its launch in May 2007.

Story: I didn't really pay much attention to the story, but its basically you going around to do some minor quests and eventually hitting lvl 15 to do a quest to join a clan. You have to do the quests in order for the next ones to appear otherwise you can't progress.

Graphic: The graphics are pretty good. There are nice visual effects, but the character and monster models are pretty bland. The terrain is also not very appealing. It's a full 3D graphics game, but even some low-end computer specs can handle this game.

Gameplay: If you've played Perfect World, you've probably played this game as well. The game is set up in the exact same way so that if you've played any of their previous games before, you can just jump right in and start killing. There are two unique features: Full 3D Pathing System and Flying Weapons maybe interest you.

? Full 3D Pathing System
The path finding system in the game is very nice. You can open up a transparent map, click on where you want to go, and your character will immediately start running to the location using the shortest route possible. Its very good for getting around places and you don't want to having to deal with running all the way to the other side of the map manually.

? Flying Weapons
In traditional Chinese martial art myths, flying a sword is the ultimate sign of a powerful warrior. ZX Online: Journey to Immortality brings this fantasy alive in the game.

Talisman Craftin is another good point in game. Talismans give you new skills and boost your stats. If you have a matching set of 2 or 3 talismans, they boost each other's stats and provide greater bonuses. You can level up some talismans by using the skills corresponding to the talisman. Its basically a way to force players to skill grind. Healers have no problem with this since they can keep casting it, but fighter classes have to spam it on mobs to level it up.

Overall: Though it’s still on its closed beta test, It has enough to keep it from being a bad game. The game creators need to improve on the design to make it as an outstanding game, but still, it is worth checking out, the final decision will come from the gamers decision. Put up the official link: by the way if someone wanna try it.
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Aug 10, 2008
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aku lah org yg paling awal klu bab2 game Online...:D:D:D
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