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Apr 24, 2007
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Hi Everyone

MoneyFern is an 1UP program, meaning you pass only one sale to your sponsor and 2nd sale to infinity is paid direct to your AP.
Also they have something called orphan sponsor position (Which is the icing on the cake as you can make passive income), and this is from the site :

You currently have 3 Orphan Sponsor Positions. When a person
comes to this website without being directly referred by an active member
the system randomly selects from the list of potential Orphan Sponsors.
To make sure that everyone will see success with this program, one orphan
sponsor position is removed each time a member joins your downline. You
can purchase additional positions for only $3 each. Purchasing positions
does not guarantee success but the more positions that you have the greater
the chance your username will be called up.

This is how you will get referrals without any efforts.

And it does not end here, when you make profit with $15, if you wish you can
join next level which is $25 and so on to $50, $100, $200.....$3600 and keep
making money

We we all start with $15 and later move to $25 and see how it goes and move
on to higher level

if Interested join here

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