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[MMOFPS] Crazy Shooter Online


Oct 30, 2008
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[MMOFPS] Crazy Shooter Online
Crazy Shooter Online C.S.O is an exciting 3D shooting online game developed by Kingsoft and published by CiB Net Station. C.S.O is featured with simple interface and leisure game environment. On this upcoming July, let us experience the excitement and stimulation of senses by entering the challenging world of Crazy Shooters!

The main feature of C.S.O is Break the Tradition, Trendy Personality, Fun Experience. Base on this concept, all players can wear the most fashionable clothing and then enter into the battlefield!

There will be troves of surprises when players cooperate among the team members, use a wide variety of powerful weapons, brand new fighting mode and so on. Moreover, players can use special weapons to change the enemy into humorous appearance of animals! These funny and unique features are exclusively provided for C.S.O players!

The most unique feature of this game is the ever changing Avatar system. Players can enjoy various styles of appearance such as military suit, stylish contemporary clothing. As you show your fighting skill and powerful strengths, you can also show your own personality and become the most glamorous among the warriors! The creative Dance HP Recover feature even breaks the record of FPS game! The surprising effects of unique weapons such as Bazooka will bring satisfaction to all the players! Everybody can realize the dream of being a Hero by fighting in the magnificent gaming environment!

Crazy Shooter Online (Malaysia & Singapore Version) will start the challenge soon! Let's experience various maps, items and strategies in the Open Beta period!


Funny Weapon - Transform Boom
Transform Boom can change the enemy into various cute and funny animals, and escape in humorous way! This weapon not only can make the enemy surrender, but also create humor!


Unique Heavyweight Weapon
Bazooka is a anti-tank weapon that launches the powerful bullet. Players can use this powerful weapon to conquer the game. The influence of Bazooka will be very severe; the launching of the weapon will cause lots of deaths and injuries. But this weapon has weakness too, the heavy duty made it more difficult to control, and the speed of launch is slower than other weapons. This weapon is so challenging for players!


Personal Clothing - Avatar
Players can change the character's head, top suit, and bottom clothing,. This feature exceeds the avatar system of other shooting game. Players can buy favorite avatars by themselves and mix-and-match freely, in order to bring out stylish figure and unique personality. The various fashion styles include casual style, military, sporty appearance and so on. Players can attract all the attention by glamorous appearance!


Dance HP Recover
After a harsh battle, players found that the vitality is lowering. Just have some Hip-hop dance, relax for a while and then the vitality will be recovered. This is very helpful in calming down oneself, and at the same time, adding fun elements to the game.

Official CSO Website:
Official Website:

CSO 1-Month-Anniversary 70% Discount Items Mega Sales
Dear Players,

First of all, we would like to thank you all for the continued support so we have decided to have a Mega sales of up to 70% discount from 5th November 2008 – 26th November 2008 to celebrate CSO 1 month anniversary.

What are you waiting for, load up and start collect the items that you have dream of it in a very low price during the promotion.

During this promotion we are open permanent items for all players to purchase and some permanent items is discount up to 70% grab this chance now you won’t want to miss it.

CSO New Patch Version Release
Good News to all CSO players the new update patch for CSO is now open for all to download. The new CSO Version will release on 5th November after scheduled server maintenance. The download is early to release to make sure everyone able to download and standby for new version update and to prevent all players download at the same time and cause the line traffic jam.

Please do not install the patch until 5th November 2008 before the scheduled server maintenance.

Click here to download the latest patch

For more details about the new patch please click

Team CSO
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