Minecraft Movie Lands a 2019 Release Date

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Mar 30, 2008
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A Minecraft movie is going to happen and join the list of video game adaptations out there. Given how the popular PC and app game relies on the player’s imagination to create worlds out of 3D cubes, it makes one wonder whether or not this ingenuity will allow for a creative cinematic venture – or another failed attempt by Hollywood to cash in on a video game property.

In a few years, audiences will know the answer as the Minecraft movie now has a 2019 release date. This means the speculation can begin in regards to what audiences can expect to see and which upcoming movies involving building blocks will be the best. Fans will wonder how the iconic style of the game can be translated into a feature film, especially since the film is going to be live-action, as opposed to animation.

Warner Bros. Pictures has now revealed an official theatrical release date of May 24th, 2019, for the Minecraft movie. It will be shown in 3D and on IMAX screens. The film is now becoming more of a reality, as this reveal is coming almost a year after It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor/creator Rob McElhenney was reported as the film’s director. Keep in mind that LEGO Movie producer Roy Lee and Mean Girls producer Jill Messick are involved with the film, too.

It has been a tough journey for video game adaptations, but 2016 has allowed for varying amounts of success financially, even if the films were still not seen as artistic triumphs. Minecraft is something of a different beast, as it has a wide open door of how to handle itself. This makes it more akin to something like The LEGO Movie, which was both a box office hit and a critical darling. Given another chance to develop a film with unlimited potential and having the right people involved means the film does have a chance of breaking this sub-genre of films out of their longstanding rut.

Fans can point to the unlimited potential and creative results that led to the success of The LEGO Movie and they would be right. That film was a bit of a sleeper success, however, compared to the event that having a May 2019 release date implies. While Minecraft has a producer of The LEGO Movie involved, one has to hope McElhenney can pull off more than he has shown from mostly being involved with writing and directing various episodes of It’s Always Sunny for over the last decade.

To his credit, McElhenney did develop FX’s most successful sitcom. He’s even toyed with video games on his series in the episode “Charlie Rules the World”. It does not necessarily set up Minecraft for loads of success creatively, but fans certainly have plenty of time to learn more about this upcoming project and ideally rule in favor of it.
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