Malaysian man is 'caught smuggling a live HUMAN EMBRYO into India

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Nov 9, 2008
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A Malaysian man was allegedly caught smuggling a live human embryo into India for use at a high-end IVF clinic.

Partiban Durai is said to have carried the barely developed human in a nitrogen-packed canister.

Officials said he was stopped at Mumbai airport and showed them the clinic in the suburb of Bandra West where he claimed he was planning to deliver the embryo.

Durai is accused of making 10 such trips to the fertility clinic in the space of 18 months, the Times of India reported.

Goral Gandhi, head of the Indo Nippon clinic, denied that the embryo was intended for use there.

But lawyers for the Indian government claimed they had text messages which showed the clinic as the intended recipient.

The Malaysian alleged smuggler was reportedly told to co-operate with Indian officials after he was stopped at the airport.

He is said to have sent his clients pictures of the five-star hotel where he was staying in order to convince them the plan was still going smoothly.

Officials said the clinic had then told Durai to bring the embryo, and that Gandhi had received it as planned.

Indo Nippon describes itself on its website as a 'team of specialists' who have delivered 9,000 babies over 25 years.

The clinic says it has 'helped hundreds of couples have babies through Assisted Reproduction'.

Goral Gandhi is described as the 'Scientific And Laboratory Director' of the clinic.

In 2016 India passed a law which allowed 'altruistic' surrogacy among close relatives, but commercial surrogacy is banned.
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Nov 23, 2012
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Petikan Artikel Times of India

The arrested man, Partiban Durai, worked for a commission and, officials said, he has admitted to making 10 such trips to the Bandra clinic in the last 18 months. He would arrive in the morning with the package and leave by an evening flight.

Durai claimed he was employed with Heart to Art, a surrogacy agency based in Malaysia, run by a person of Indian origin and his British wife. “This company acts as an agent for illegally sending embryos to India,” an official said. Officials said they have found correspondence between the clinic and various agencies in Malaysia with specific requests for the kind of egg donor they want.

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