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Malaysia Ranked 18th Most "Dangerous" Travel Destination In The World


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Jun 21, 2021
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Road traffic safety and lives lost due to communicable disease were the lowest ranked categories for Malaysia.

Report: Malaysia Ranked 18th Most "Dangerous" Travel Destination In The World
By Jasmine Chea — 05 Dec 2022, 06:43 PM

Malaysia has always been a popular travel destination, with millions of tourists flocking to our country for a vacation every year

While our beautiful country is lauded for its peaceful and diverse population, picturesque beaches and forests, and thriving metropolitan cities, Malaysia was apparently ranked the 18th most dangerous country in the world for tourists to visit.

According to a Travel Safety Index (TSI) report by US insurance company The Swiftest, Malaysia received a disappointing overall score of -176.17, which was translated to a D+.

Utilising data from official global organisations, 50 of the most visited countries in the world were ranked based on seven categories

The categories in the list were: homicide deaths, road traffic deaths, poisoning deaths, death from poor hygiene condition, lives lost due to communicable diseases, lives lost due to injury, and natural disaster risk index.

Based on the chart, all 50 countries were given rankings ranging from A+ to F.

Here are Malaysia's scores for each category, from highest to lowest:

Death from poor hygiene conditions: B+
Homicide deaths: B
Poisoning deaths: C
Injury life years lost: C-
Natural disaster risk index: D+
Road traffic deaths: F
Communicable disease life years lost: F

The US insurance company also determined South Africa to be the deadliest country to be visited by tourists, followed closely by India. Both countries garnered an overall score of -507.55 (F) and -367.92 (F), respectively.

Meanwhile, The Swiftest ranked the US 20th on the list, with a final score of -156.64 (C-).


Meanwhile, across the causeway, Singapore, was crowned the safest travel destination in the world

The country received A+ ratings all across the board except for one category, communicable disease life years, which received a B+.

Singapore ended up with an overall score of -43.43, or A+.

Taking the second and the third places for the safest countries were Denmark and the Netherlands, with a rating of -57.37 (A+) and -58.48 (A), respectively. ... nation-in-the-world
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