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Like our FB Page and Pick Up Your Tamer Saga Giftpacks Ahead!


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Mar 1, 2013
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Like our FB Page and Pick Up Your Tamer Saga Giftpacks Ahead!

To celebrate the upcoming close beta of Tamer Saga on Voomga, we have prepared plenty events for players to enjoy. Take some gift ahead of others and build yourself strong!

Giftpack 1 -Official Tamer Saga Fan Pack

Event Page:

"Like" us on facebook through or the event page and pick up a giftpack from Tamer GMs!
Giftpack contains:
Double EXP Scroll x10
Full Repairs x10
Small HP Bag x10
Daily Quest Scroll x1
Philosopher's Stone x5
Small Crystal Bag x10

Giftpack 2 -Tamer Saga CBT Celebration Pack

Event Page:
Visit the page and claim one cdkey. Use it to aquire some really nice stuffs.
Giftpack contains:
Crystal x5000
Coupon x5000
Element x5000

Everyone is invited and welcomed, to claim some little present before you enjoy the awesome Tamer Saga world.

1. Remember that every cdkey can be used only once, and every player can only use one cdkey for each giftpack.
2. More exciting events are to be released and stay tuned on any update from our official site, facebook page and forum.

Tamer Saga Team
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