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How to Safely Drive on Icy Winter Roads .............

Elmond Pfeifer

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Aug 26, 2009
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Hi Every One,
With winter approaching faster than a Japanese bullet train, a major cause of concern is driving safely on the icy roads. While those who live in the South are given respite from these potentially dangerous weather conditions, others are not so lucky. A fresh, evening snow fall and a plunge in temperature can bring about a layer of ice on the road that can easily result in an automobile accident if proper precautionary measures are not taken. Here are some of the best ways to minimize your chances of losing control of your car and plunging two hundred feet off a cliff.

One tip my mother gave me before I moved from the sunny beaches of Florida to the cold, wintry mountains of Colorado was to fill my trunk with bags of sand. By throwing in several 25-50 pound bags of sand you weigh down the back of your car, allowing for better traction. This will not only help prevent you from getting caught in really deep snow, but its primary purpose is to prevent hydroplaning by allowing for better traction. This can be made even more effective if you consistently rotate your tires and ensure they do not go bald.

If you live in the northern states many places sell special tires designed for gripping the road during icy conditions. While some suggest you only need two winter tires, it is recommended that you purchase four snow tires. According to, four winter tires as opposed to two allows the car to work uniformly in the same conditions, as opposed to two tires attempting to work one way while the other work another way.

Clearly the best way to avoid getting into an accident while driving on the icy roads is to simply avoid the roads entirely. If you don't have to drive, don't. Stay in, make a fire, and watch a movie. At times it's unavoidable, however, and if you can you should take public transportation such as the bus or subway. If you can handle the cold and live a short distance from your destination, walking (provided there are clear sidewalks available) is always a good idea. It's safer, and you get some exercise to boot.

Best Regards.......... :)cgrock

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