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Dec 3, 2008
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Hoffand Finance Group Inc. - is Investment programme engaged in purchase and sale of valuable securities on Forex stock markets.

We have complete trained personnel which consist not only of experienced brokers, but also of whole range of people who concerned with valuation of World market.
We have the most well-known and successful paid subscriptions on news.

Our company deals with not only analysis of valuable securities and comparison of currency diagrams, which are also constructed by the experienced personnel divided on several groups one of which engaged in development of strategies. Company is concerned not only with it.

For instance real estate, which brings in a fair return and gives us possibility to extend in all areas of our activity.

Name Min Max Percents Periodicity Term Comment
Investment $1 $10 106% 6 Hour(s) 1 days Every 6 hours
1 Day
Investment $10 $2000 107% 1 Day(s) 1 days After 1 day
5 Days
Investment $50 $5000 140% 5 Day(s) 5 days After 5 days
10 Days
Investment $100 $10000 200% 10 Day(s) 10 days After 10 days

Currency: Liberty Reserve

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