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Hey! High approval loan better than u walk in urself! No upfront! Friendly to help u!


Oct 2, 2014
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[Personal Loan / Business Loan]
Entrepreneurs need a sum of money?
Need a sum of money working?
Banks because of the following reasons to deny you or grant small amounts ~ ~ ~

# High-burden (high commitment)
# Low income (Low Salary)
# Data inadequate (Lack of Document)

Do not worry, this will be the case that we can do it, but the approval rate as high as 85-90%, our personal loan amount can be up to 50k-150k and business loans can be up to 500k-1Million ... This early interest beyond the minimum can be up to 6% .....

The main conditions:
# Age 21-55
# There must be more than a year on the banks Commitment
(Housing loans, car loans, line card)
# Right bank is also of no more than one month later also
# No Blacklisted / CTOS / AKPK

# The company under eight banks.
# Do not need a guarantor, and more without collateral.
# We are not ah deaf, more is not a private bank loan companies !!! We just agency.
# Entire Process to grant money from the traffic information within one month to get (* not grant money does not charge *)

If you are interested please message OR PM me, leave your phone number. My name is Dyl
* If whatsapp can not find, please send your phone number to me, I will contact you as soon as possible.
There are contact with whatsapp: 016-8137298

If you are interested in this loan, then you can add me Whatsapp then I will let you know more details ...
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