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Harga getah jatuh, penoreh getah cari lintah peroleh RM600 sehari


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Jan 13, 2009
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-Wak Yusman cari lintah sebagai pendapatan sampingan sejak harga getah jatuh
-seekor dijual RM3 tak kira saiz
-sehari boleh dapat 200 ekor x RM3 =RM600 :)paid
-income seminggu RM2000

SETIU: Call them slimy bloodsuckers, disgusting or creepy, but these leeches are a source of income for Yusman Heri Mansor, 44, who earns as much as RM2,000 a week collecting them in rivers not far from his house in Kampung Seri Kembangan in Pelong.

The smallholder rubber farmer catches leeches as a part-time job since the price of rubber dropped earlier this year.

He catches as many as 200 a day and sells them at RM3 each, no matter what size they are.

He has no problem selling the leeches as there was a good demand for it.

Yusman said his income from selling the leeches was more than enough to cover his daily expenses and to support his family of six.

“The rainy season is the best time to catch the leeches.

“They are everywhere in the river and I only have to wade into the water to attract the leeches to attach themselves on my legs.

“For RM600 a day, I don’t mind bleeding a little.”

Yusman said a buyer from Kuala Lumpur who practices alternative medicine would come to the village and buy the leeches every two weeks.

“It’s cash on delivery and I am happy,” he said, adding that many rivers and streams in Setiu were teeming with leeches but collecting them was not a job for those who were faint of heart.

-yeke sekor bole jual rm3 ni?
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