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Apr 5, 2024
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I want to warn everyone about my terrible experience. My name is Leonardo Alencar. I am from Brazil.

Last week I saw an advertisement for antivirus from Gridinsoft and installed it. I downloaded the soft from their official website. As it turned out, the advertising was deceiving - there was no trial. I should have deleted it straight away, but I was stupid: I didn't delete it, but I paid for the subscription.

So I scanned my computer and there were a few false positives. For example, browser add-ons that never existed. Then I noticed something strange: my second computer (connected by the same network) had Gridinsoft appearing in its processes, although I had never installed it!

Then I immediately uninstalled Gridinsoft software. I tried to unsubscribe, but it turned out to be impossible. There is simply no link in my account to unlink my card. I wrote to them in support, but my ticket is still unanswered.

The next day I started receiving notifications from various services that someone wanted to log in from another device. Some services provided information about IP: it was Ukraine. I was very concerned about this because I store cryptocurrency on my laptop. I immediately opened my wallet and it turned out that there was nothing else there! All my coins were stolen at night.

I have not installed any other software these days. I'm sure that Gridinsoft robbed me.

Please don't repeat my mistakes. Stay away from Gridinsoft! has protected privacy, but I managed to find out who is behind this domain: Irina Gridina and Dmitry Gridin. These are scammers and hackers!
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So, I have already contacted the police and conducted a small investigation. GRIDINSOFT is a gang from Ukraine, and here are its members (aparently family):
Irina Gridina - Ирина Гридина
Irina Gridina.png

Irina Gridina 1.png

Dmitry Gridin - Дмитрий Гридин
Dmitry Gridin .png

Dmitry Gridin 1.png

Daniel Gridin - Даниил Гридин
Daniel Grydin.png

Lyubov Samoylova - Любовь Самойлова
Lyubov Samoylova.png
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