Gran Turismo 5 : The Real Driving Simulator Official Full Version

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Dec 11, 2007
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Setelah 6 tahun pembikinan dan beberapa cancel launch akhirnya keluar juga...

Gran Turismo 5 : The Real Driving Simulator Official Full Version


Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Designer: Kazunori Yamauchi
Series: Gran Turismo
Platform: The PlayStation 3
Release date(s): NA November 24, 2010
EU November 24, 2010
JP November 25, 2010
AUS November 25, 2010
Genre : Racing
Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer, online multiplayer (16-player)
Rating : ESRB: E
Media: Blu-ray Disc

simulation physics | cutting-edge graphics | 1080p | 60fps | Dolby 7.1 | 3D | PlayStation Eye face tracking | over 1000 cars | real-time damage | skid marks | smoke simulation | sparks | dirt | pebbles |over 50 tracks | course maker | day-night cycle | dynamic weather | wind | temperature | fog | rain | snow |driving school | time trial | championships | car tuning | paint shop | car wash
16 car races | online | split screen | b-spec | remote races | photo mode | YouTube replay upload
Sebastian Vettel | Adrian Newey | Sébastien Loeb | Jeff Gordon | AMG | Top Gear | The Stig
Road | Rally | Drifting | Karting | NASCAR | Super GT | F1 | Le Mans | DTM

Special Events

Gran Turismo Karting Experience
Try your hand at the first step on the road to professional race driving.

Jeff Gordon NASCAR School
Learn the secrets of NASCAR driving from Mr. NASCAR himself.

Top Gear Test Track

AMG Driving Academy
Learn the techniques and rules necessary to take on the hallowed Nürburgring safely.

Gran Turismo Rally
A full on rally event with randomly generated stages. And a co-driver.

Grand Tour
Go on tour and take part in a series of events stretching from Bern all the way down to Tuscany.

Sébastien Loeb Rally Challenge
Learn the tricks of the trade from the 7-time WRC World Champion.


You can now play Gran Turismo anywhere. On your computer, smartphone, iPad, etc.

On the official website you will soon find a section where you will be able to check statistics, progress, friends, but most importantly, play B-Spec races using live timing.

Course Maker
Select a scene and automatically generate a course. An infinite variation of tracks that can never be exhausted is now available.

Make Surprising Original Tracks
In the Course Maker, you select the base theme, and set a number of parameters. A course matching your parameters is automatically generated, as simple as that.


Collect 'em all.

AC Cars | Acura | AEM | Alfa Romeo | Alpine | Amuse | Art Morrison | Aston Martin | Audi | Autobacs | Autobianchi | Bentley | BLITZ | BMW | Bugatti | Buick | Cadillac | Callaway | Caterham | Chaparral | Chevrolet | Chrysler | Citroën | Cizeta | Daihatsu | DMC | Dodge | Dome | Eagle | Ferrari | Fiat | Ford | Gillet | Ginetta | Grand Touring Garage | High End Performance | HKS | Holden | Hommell | Honda | HPA Motorsports | Hyundai | Infiniti | Isuzu | Jaguar | Jay Leno's Garage | Jensen | Lamborghini | Lancia | Land Rover | Lexus | Lister | Lotus |Marcos | Maserati | Mazda | McLaren | Mercedes-Benz | Mercury | MG | Mine's | MINI | Mitsubishi | Mugen |NISMO | Nissan | Opel | Opera Performance | Oullim Motors | Pagani | Panoz | Pescarolo Sport | Peugeot | Plymouth | Pontiac
RE Amemiya | Renault | Renault Sport | RUF |Saleen | Scion | Seat | Shelby | Spoon | Spyker | Subaru | Suzuki |Tesla Motors | Tommykaira | Tom's | Toyota | TRD | Triumph | TVR | Vauxhall | Volkswagen | Volvo

Full Car List Here

Red Bull X1


Premium Cars• brand new, highly detailed models
• interiors & cockpit view
• damage: mechanical damage, dirt, scratches, dents, dislodging and deformation of body panels
• headlights: off, low beams, high beams

Standard Cars• ported over from GT4
• no interiors, no cockpit view
• damage: mechanical damage, dirt, scratches, dents
• headlights: off, on


Performance Damage
Performance damage affects how the car performs based on calculating the physical effects of collisions and damage on various parameters. It affects vehicle stability and control, depending on the amount of damage taken.

Dirt, Scratches, and Dents
This is damage that can be visually seen, and involves the vehicle collecting dirt, scratches and dents.

Dislodging and Deformation of Body Panels (premium cars only)
This third level of damage causes body panels to come loose or to deform from their original shapes.

3D Compatibility / Peripherals
With a 3D compatible TV, you can enjoy an even more realistic experience. It is also possible to take 3D photographs in the 3D mode

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Harge Kat Singapore - Malaya Takde Lagik

Huhu...kene beli ps3 jugakkk....dulu main gt4 pakai stereng logitech wingman je...tu pon dah layan bwk keter..force pon terase la jugak....tapi utk GT5 ni kene beli stereng spesel ni

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Mar 18, 2009
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aku dah beli game ni
cume satu je kurang
kalau berlanggar dgn kerete ke dinding ke
xde bunyi
bagi aku mcm x real plk
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