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Sep 2, 2008
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Giga Income is a financial managing company established by a group of experienced traders and market analysts. Our portfolio of investments include Gold, Forex, Bonds, Stocks trading, and investing in various funds and activities all over the world. Our mission is to provide our investors with a great opportunity for their funds to gain a high rates in return.

We do not claim that is easy to make high profits without knowledge and experience. We have a successful group of private individuals who have made money through prudent investments in the finance industry on a worldwide basis for over 2 years.
Our company plays a role of an organization that provides you a reliable and steady opportunity to receive a secure income.


We are not a ponzi scheme, because we don't rely on new investors to pay our members. Also, and though we offer a few consistent investment plans, we are constantly changing and looking for the best possible scenario, always with our members' interests in mind.

Use our referral program and earn up to 5.00% of your referral deposits!

Kindly remember we do not tolerate SPAM, so do not promote your referral link by sending unwanted emails. You can use our banners to promote your referral link.

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