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Aug 22, 2008
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Gentlefinance's CEO Tom Smith

found Gentlefinance International LTD. in 1999

Tom Smith has accumulated many years' knowledge and experience, built strong reputation with millions of people

GentleFinance is a international investment company. It was created for the purpose of providing it's members with the safest and most secure offshore investment vehicles available, with the best possible and achievable returns at a minimum of risk. It has been created by experts to give you an extraordinary oportunity to obtain High Profits in a fast, easy and secure way.
What makes GentleFinance different?

GentleFinance is unique in its total commitment to a distinct set of institutional investment processes, each striving to drive performance while paying strict attention to risk controls, regardless of the market environment. Its management teams cover the globe and deliver distinct style specific expertise within each relevant asset class.

GentleFinance operates globally in three strategic business units: Wholesale Clients, Consumer and Commercial Clients, and Private Clients and Asset Management, of which SivaShare Asset Management is a part. SivaShare's asset management network consists of more than 30 units worldwide covering five continents and over $20.3 million in assets as of 6/30/06. The global headquarters resides in Panama.

GentleFinance seek to provide consistent, better risk-adjusted returns and superior long-term performance against its benchmarks. An unwavering dedication to process is joined with a collective belief in the same basic investment philosophies

You will receive your first payment at next day. Interest payouts are scheduled to be done one time during day and will be made directly to your LibertyReserve e-currency . Payments wil be made only working days.
NOTE : Our system works only working days (Mon-Fri).

Our Note

You may make additional spend as many times as you like. All transactions are handled via LibertyReserve .If you don't have a LibertyReservee-currency account, you need to get one.
Deposits accepted LibertyReserve e-currency . We send payments directly to your LibertyReserve account. Principal is included in all payments. Contact us by e-mail

Plan Rate Min(USD) Max(USD) Profit

A 22% daily for 5 days 1 50000 110%

B 115% after 5 days 1 50000 115%

C 150% after 10 days 50 50000 150%

Referral program 5% directly to your LibertyReserve account! ( Your referral must put your LibertyReserve U1234567 in the memo to get paid. )

NOTE:Our system works only working days (Mon-Fri).

For more information, visit - Make your money online with us.

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