Gambar2 suku kaum terpencil sebelum mereka mati.

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Oct 14, 2012
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Kazakh, Mongolia

Among many Kazakh traditions is the ancient art of eagle hunting.
For more than two centuries, Kazakh men have hunted on horseback
with trained golden eagles. Across mountains and steppes, a large
variety of animals – including rabbits, marmots, foxes and even wolves –
are hunted for their fur, an integral part of traditional Kazakh clothing.

The skill of training a golden eagle is passed on through generations.
Eagle hunters wear boots, black coats and fox-fur hats called loovuuz.

Huli, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

The traditional highland apparel is scant: women wear grass skirts, men
wear nothing but a koteka, or penis gourd. However, to impress and scare
off the enemy, men go to considerably more effort.

The largest highland tribe are the Huli Wigmen, who paint their faces
yellow, red, and white. and are famous for their tradition of making
ornamental wigs from their own hair. These look like plumed hats,
intricately decorated with feathers of birds of paradise and parrots.
Other ornaments include shells, beads, pig tusks, hornbill skulls
and foliage.

Asaro, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

The mudmen could not cover their faces with mud because the
people of Papua New Guinea thought that the mud from the Asaro
river was poisonous. So instead of covering their faces with this alleged
poison, they made masks from pebbles that they heated and water
from the waterfall, with unusual designs such as long or very short
ears either going down to the chin or sticking up at the top,
long joined eyebrows attached to the top of the ears, horns and
sideways mouths.

Kalam, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

The highlanders live by hunting, done primarily by men, and by gathering plants and growing crops, done primarily by women. The men help clear
the land, but the rest of the cultivation is the responsibility of the women.

The residents have plenty of good food, close-knit families and a great
respect for the wonders of nature.

Goroka, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Goroka is the capital of the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. Though only discovered in the beginning of the 20th century it is now host of a major tourist attraction, the Goroka show.
The renowned Goroka Show is a three-day event that takes place annually
around the time of the country's Independence Day (September 16).
Dating back to 1957, it is the oldest tribal gathering in Papua New Guinea.
Over 100 tribes from the region show their music, dance and culture.

Maori, New Zealand

As a polytheist culture, the Maori worshipped many gods, goddesses and
spirits. Maori believe that ancestors and supernatural beings are
ever-present and able to help the tribe in times of need. Myths are set in
the remote past. They present Maori ideas about the creation of the
universe and the origins of gods and of people.

Samburu, Kenya

The scenic Ndoto Mountain Ranges of northern Kenya are part of the ruggedly beautiful and still unspoilt country of the Samburu nomadic people. Proud, happy, friendly, they defy the modern world to go about their traditional business and still cherish the customs and colourful ceremonies
of their ancestors.

Mursi, Ethiopia

The Mursi are considered to be a rather primitive tribe within the
Omo Valley, even though their way of living isn’t so different
compared to other tribes. Mursi have always shown reluctant and
aggressive behaviour towards foreigners in general, but since
tourists have found their way to their land, that attitude has become
even worse.

Vanuatu, Vanuatu Islands

Rah Lava is one of two small, remote islands that belong to the Banks
Islands group of the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu. Their isolation
from the rest of the world and the pristine, resource-abundant
surrounding natural environment have led to the emergence of a
unique culture and lifestyle.

Ada banyak lagi gambar suku kaum yg aku tak masukkan..korang tgk la sendiri kat sini
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ada gambor lucah... huhuhu xsunat plak tu
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