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Santai Foto "Light Over Myanmar" Diambil Dari Tingkap Pesawat Singapore Airline.


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Jul 18, 2011
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Sedikit backstory.

Taken at 36,000ft above Myanmar during a thunderstorm. I was only hoping to get a shot of the Milky Way, the lightning strike was an added bonus!

I needed to build a cocoon of blankets and pillows to remove all the glare from the plane lights.


Question: how did you keep the camera steady during the exposure? I feel like that would become a big problem when shooting out of a window of a plane. Similarly, how did you clean the window? Everytime I fly it seems they are always too smudged up to even be possible.

A.The windows weren't too bad, Singapore Airlines are pretty good. I also used the free wet towel they give you on boarding to clean it :)

The biggest issue wasn't stability but glare from the cabin. To get the shot I used those free pillows and my bag to build a support near the window, then stuffed their free blankets around it to seal out most of the light. Then I covered the whole camera with another blanket.

Then, using a blanket I "borrowed" from the passenger sleeping next to me - (sorry mate) - I covered myself and the whole setup with another blanket before closing the window shutter as far as I could.

So there I am, looking like the world's worst ghost costume leaning against the window of a plane. The people behind me were definitely weirded out so I made a point of showing the results on the back of the camera ;)

When it was time to take the shot, I pressed the camera against the window as hard as I dared to help keep it still. With all of this prep and the ludicrously high ISO my camera can manage (iso 25,600) I managed to get maybe 5 or 6 useably sharp shots, with a couple capturing lighting strikes.

If the plane hit turbulence, or banked, or I moved even slightly they were wasted. If a hole crept into my glare shield, it was ruined. So I took over 200 shots and even then only a few worked out.

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