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Jan 4, 2009
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I am not admin of this program.

Welcome To Your Online Fixed Deposit Investment [Fixed Deposit Investment] is privately managed and a new kind of program for all investor to invest with guaranteed interest at an agreed rate, based on the sum of money deposited. FixDD is not a high yield investment project.

FixDD is a secure investment project, designed specifically for people want to get reliable source of real online income since FixDD will invest all converted LRUSD deposit with licensed local bank [ South East Asia Region ] to gain higher fix interest rate. Investing with us is risk free, absolutely hassle-free and no paperwork.

Why Invest With FixDD

* Guaranteed 100% return of the principle together with the interest after the maturity.
* Pay directly to your Liberty Reserve account.
* Most secure, reliable and risk free type of investment with relevant interest rate.
* Friendly email customer support.
* Serious and long term investment.
* Free community forum for all investor to join.

Minimum Investment: $100

Maximum Investment: $10000

Monthly Interest: 2%

Investment Period: Monthly [31 days]

Tenure Selection: From 1 Month to max 12 Months
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