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To Sell Fire Protection Consultation, Installation, Sales and Services


Aug 10, 2009
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We are specialist in Fire Protection Consultation, Installation, Sales and Services of All Type of Portable Fire Extinguishers such as ABC Dry Chemical Powder, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)Gas, Foam & etc.
(Brand : SRI, Eversafe, Fire Fighter Industry, Flamart, Unique & UBE)

1.) Portable Fire Extinguisher Service, Refills, Cleaning & Recharging

2.) Annual Fire Extinguisher Preventative Maintenance & Renewal Of Bomba Certificate (H/13)

3.) Mobile/On-site ABC Dry Chemical and CO2 Gas Service

4.) Record Keeping (Bomba License expiry date & cylinder life's span)

5.) Review of extinguisher placement, sizes and types

6.) Replacement of part & accessories such as discharge hose, hose belt, valve, 'O' ring, pressure gauge & etc.

7.) Hydro Static Testing (Available for 45Kg CO2 Gas cylinder)

Remark : Please be informed that pricing subjected to type of fire extinguisher, content weights & quantity(s).

Our services available to commercial, industrial and residential building including complexes, apartments, condominiums, office buildings, chemical plants, manufacturing plants and factories.

If you need our assistance, please email to [email protected]
or visit

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