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Fire Emblem Heroes Nears One Billion Dollars In Profits


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Fire Emblem Heroes Nears One Billion Dollars In Profits Todd Black February 5, 2022 Gaming News, Mobile / Handheld Gaming, Nintendo 2017 seems like a lifetime ago due to all that has happened since then in both the gaming world and beyond it. But one of the biggest things gaming-wise that happened in 2017 was the launch of Fire Emblem Heroes. This game was one of several that were released in a certain timespan to help bolster the now major franchise in the eyes of both fans and Nintendo. And though many wondered how well it would work…the results are undeniable.

From basically the get-go, fans have no only been loving the game, but have been pouring money into it so that they could get their favorite Fire Emblem characters, as well as collect ones they didn’t personally know of (via games they likely never got due to them not being localized in certain areas). And the result of that, according to GameIndustry.Biz, is that Fire Emblem Heroes has gotten $959 million dollars in revenue in 5 years’ time. That’s a lot.

For comparison, the closest to that in regards to true Nintendo-made mobile titles (Pokemon Go and Dragalia Lost don’t apply here) is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp at $267 million in revenue. That’s quite a gap, and with the game in the midst of its newest story chapter, things are only going to grow for the title.

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