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Fiesta Online:Leveling Guide (1-60)


Nov 12, 2010
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Levels 1-10

Once you hit level 5, do a Slime KQ. Youll instantly be about lvl 7 or 8, maybe even 9. From there, get all your quests, and do as many as fast as you can. Bundle em up - In other words, go out, do 10-20 quests, then turn em in at once.

Levels 11-20

These levels are best done hard and fast. If you have a higher lvl friend, ask them to help. Or better yet: join an academy. Get loads of quests (20/20) and ask them to quickly come kill all of your "kill quests". Same basic principle applies: Bundle your quests.

When you hit 20, get some t1 scrolls, and try to get a buff from the guild you are now in the academy of, and do the class change quest. It should be relatively easy.

Levels 20-30

These are best done in the lv 20 abyss up to about lv 28. Preferably in Duos. Mage / Cleric is a good duo, and archer/ cleric is too. Fighters can solo well enough. Remember to mob and aoe. This is your aoe training, sort of. If you get to about 27-29 and are tired of abyss, do some quick quests, but save some of them for turning in all at once. This can easily pop you from 26 or 27 into 29 or 30, and into the next level group.

Levels 30-40

Once you hit 30, do all of your remaining lv 20-29 quests. You should have been picking them up as you lvld. They should easily get you to at least 32. When you hit 32, do your 30-32 quests to hit 33. When you hit 32 or 33, there is a quest from the Title Merchant. Do it. The second part is a lvling quest (purging of moonlit tomb), that will lvl you completely. My advice here though, is make sure youre at 0% when you turn in the quest, because it gives you 99% of the level, and once you level, you cannot pick it back up. So get to 99%, pick it back up, and go complete it again. By killing the stuff to do it, you will level again. Turn it in to level yet once more!

Whatever level you are now, you are definitely 33+. This means you can now do Robo. Pick up the quest from Shutian, and spam the crud outta the quest. Try hard to Win it, because the exp from it to a lv 33~39 is much more then 40-46. Between KQs, do your quests. Remember to ask your Academy for help if you have problems! Especially on Boss quests. You should easily hit 40.

Levels 40-50

These are rougher, and harder. There are a lot of repeat quests though. Make sure every single level, you check your quests to find repeats. If you didnt get KQ Robo, keep doing it until you get him. Some of the repeats youll get are..
At 41 and 42 you have Ugly Goblins 2, which is killing goblins
At 43 you have A bet with Marty 2, which is killing Goblin Swordsmen
At 44 you have Fantastic Items, which is collecting Werebear Claws
At 44, 45, and 46, you have The Broom Stick of the Best Qualities 3, which is collecting Armpit Hair from Werebears
At 46 you have The Best Medicine for Athlete's Foot 3, which is collecting Shroom Heads from Sand Mushrooms (the monster, not the herb)
At 47 you have A Secretive Request, which is collecting Goblin Captain Helmets
At 49 You have Lips Of Mannequin, which is collecting Lips from Mini Lips

Again: a party really helps, and if you can find a higher level archer or mage to help you, it goes loads faster. Dont be afraid to use all those Elderine scrolls you got from 20-40. Now is when youll use them, it makes this go a lot faster.

If you get stuck on a level, try Honeying KQ. For levels 40-45 youll get about 10% for trying to do it, even if you fail. The KQ quests give huge exp. Also, try the Epic GC quests, or the Dungeon quest to get out of a stuck level. Once you hit 46, do the Mini Dragon KQ as much as possible, and do the quest for it too.

49 tends to be the really hard level. All you really have is lips, which gives less exp than werebear hairs, shroom heads, and gob captains. But its all you have. If you were good about spamming the repeats, then youll have loads of other quests in your arsenal. Do these to lvl.

If you still cant lvl to 50, try doing MD more, or check out the abyss. I advise you do MD more though, as the PKers in abyss can ruin all your grinding and MD from 46-50 gives excellent exp.

Levels 50-60

These are kinda hard too. If youre an archer, these are easy because you can kite in abyss. For most others, theyll have to rely on KQ and quests.

Same concept here: when you find a repeat quest, spam it. Use the other quests, KQ, and abyss to get out of stuck levels. Now that you are 50 and obviously not in an academy anymore, party with more people to make it go faster. Or hopefully now you have some good friends, and can ask them for help. Do WHATEVER it takes to lvl as fast as you can. After all, a lv 53 will take longer to do a lv 53 quest than a lv 55. So the point here is to level up past the actual level of the quests, to make them easier.

At 51 you have Grandma Myzen's Wrath, which is killing weakened ogres
At 52 you have A fantastic chisel, which is collecting teeth from King Colls
At 53 and 54 you have Delivery interrupter, which is killing Vampire Bats and Light Vivis
At 55 you have Prisoners' Escape 2, which is killing Prisoners
56 has no repeat, but what you should do is turn in some of the quests youve managed to finish. I recommend turning in all quests in Sand Hill, and SEG. If you still dont hit 57, turn in the ones from Guard Nus, or from the Guild Manager.
At 57 you have The Master Criminal, which is killing Senior Torturers
58 and 59 have no repeats, but you can still get through them. Again, for 58, turn in ALL the quests youve done so far. Pick up new ones, and do more. Turn them in constantly until you hit 59. When you hit 59, do the same: complete the remaining quests and pick up any additional ones and do those too.

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