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Jan 4, 2009
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Fast Forex Club was created for individuals who want strong annual returns without the high risk usually involved. Profits from our own "Personal & Private Portfolio" are shared with Members and also spread across various stable long term projects & ventures, to guarantee our Club's long term stability.

Our mission is to locate the best fund mangers with verifiable record of performance and construct actively managed, diversified investment portfolios.
Our program is entirely owned and managed by its partners with strong track record in asset investing, including manager selection, due diligence and monitoring, portfolio construction, risk management, and operations.

Fast Forex Club is looking forward to providing its investors very attractive returns, while covering the risks during down markets and amplifying the earnings during consistently strong markets.
We identify talented, highly experienced, fundamentally-oriented hedge managers, with a bias toward investing early in managers starting their own funds. Through years of experience, we have seen strong performance pattern for hedge fund talent and a wide dispersion of returns between first quartile and median managers, and our goal is to utilize only top-tier managers.
We underscore our philosophy of aligning our interests with those of our investors in several ways. Fast Forex Club is 100% owned by its partners, who have substantial personal capital invested in the firm's strategies. Unlike for the case of most "Standard Investment" approaches, we are only compensated when our investors do well.

We Accept Liberty Reseve

105% after 3 days
1.80% - 2.40% daily for 10 days + Principal returned
2.00%-2.60% daily for 20 days + Principal returned
2.20% - 2.80% daily for 30 days + Principal returned

Visit FastForexClub here

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1/5/2009 15:31 10256706 U7007600 (FastForexClub) + $0.26
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