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Mar 12, 2008
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EKO Funds LLC is a global investment management company with approximately 6 million US Dollars under management as at 14th of October, 2008. We provide a premier range of products to institutional and individual investors. The company is focused on stock market, Forex, property and other infrastructure assets. Established in 2005, EKO Funds is now in a position where we proudly serve a growing international client base from the United States, Europe, Asia the Middle East and Africa. We employ 23 investment professionals.
In hands of professionals the market EKO Funds works as the watch and brings the high income. Choosing our company you can control a desirable level of your risks and profits. And we have a responsibility to our investment community to provide accurate, timely and helpful information...

Investment period: 5 calendar days
Total return: 110%
Referral commission: 10%
Minimum investment: $5
Maximum investment: $50,000

Investment period: 15 calendar days
Total return: 150%
Referral commission: 10%
Minimum investment: $5
Maximum investment: $50,000

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