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Edufex: Advanced E-learning Management System


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Nov 12, 2020
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Blockchain Enabled Platform of E-lear
8+ Partners-Universities Affiliated,
14917+ Students & 526+ Teachers

CEO of Edufex

Scope & Educational Marketplace


The E-learning sector market size is large. It includes every individual who uses mobile and the internet. A study forecast that the global E-Learning market is expected to reach $336.98 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 9.1% from 2018 to 2026.

The e-learning market in Europe is poised to grow by $ 24.23 billion during 2020-2024 progressing at a CAGR of 12% during the forecast period.

Recent Trends & Opportunities

E-learning is within the education industry trend, but E-learning gets bifurcated into various channels once we drill it down. Nowadays, everyone uses the E-learning channel, but the simplest channel delivers a broader picture of data and provides global exposure and career growth.

In Covid 19, E-learning achieves a special trend and learner behavioral change. Everyone uses mobile learning, apps for study, personalized learning courses, virtual learning, and online community.


Rapid Growth of E-Learning Market:
This market’s growth speed is on the compound rate and rise of technology during this sector, settling new technology. Now, companies are using Blockchain, AI platform, Big Data to stay up so far information.

E-learning content:
LMS is within the trend, and it directly impacts the learners’ resume. With the assistance of LMS, learner improving their soft skills and increasing weight in their resume.

Data analytics through LMS:
Companies are getting more data-oriented, and the LMS data analytics feature helps them handle quick change in a digital landscape within the workplace, which directly impacts; how corporate training is designed, delivered, and tracked.

Improve content delivery:
Learning content improving a day. The industry’s primary focus is towards; learners easily ready to learn about the subject interestingly.

Edufex will be a new trend and face of e-learning because we use the most updated E-learning method. You'll discover appealing learning recordings, notes, subjectwise content, online educator, no linguistic issue, limitless evaluation, performance track, and partnered colleges certification on our site. We are a one-stop-shop for everything.


E¬learning gives students, experts, educators, and partnerships a track of learning, everyone can plan his study and achieve expected results. There are many other opportunities of this industry mention as below;

Royalty structure:
Edufex provides tokens to the teachers to complete videos and courses to convert into cash.

No time-sensitive:
Learners can access the maximum amount they need; there’s no deadline within the online learning platform.

The flexible study material for corporate:
We will create study material based on companies’ needs and their workers’ policies during this industry.

Global Access:
As complete study material is cloud-based, it provides learners the opportunity to access it from anywhere through his mobile.

LMS with Blockchain:
Complete study material is secured because we use LMS with Blockchain, new technology within the market, and impossible to hack.

No travel cost:
Users only need a laptop and internet connection for accessing Edufex. No got to travel to reach within the classroom; students can access global education at one click.

It’s easy for socially reserved people to debate their queries on Edufex because we provide an online teachers’ facility.

Fundamental Value of Education:
Through E-learning, we move from the traditional path of education to a new path. Which is more retainable within the memory and straightforward to know.

Benefits with Edufex


Mission & Vision


Token Distribution


Fund Allocation

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About Us


Edufex curbs LMS and the Traditional education system; hence, it designed the blockchain-based Learning Management System. It conveys a safe foundation of e-learning and eliminates all the limitations to give clients a trustful, qualitative, geographic, and linguistic barrier-free starting point of e-learning. The concept of token dispersal to educators on completion of their service for learners highlights Edufex differently within the industry.

Edufex encourages worldwide information on PC screens in a single tick, saving time, endeavors, traveling costs, and foreign living expenses. Access to universally accepted certifications, degree, and educators’ accessibility for wanted courses improve the e¬learning extension at Edufexblockchain¬based learning management system. students as well as instructors have equivalent freedoms on our platform. Educators can earn Tokens on completion of courses.



Edufex is a world-leading blockchain platform providing a learning management system. It helps connect learners and educators, help them achieve their career goals with the numerous online courses and secure universal accepted blockchain certification to upgrade their job skills and advance their careers.
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Oct 22, 2017
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The Learning Management System is the novel face of the Education Industry. Nowadays, e-education is the booming sector of the education industry, and with time, it will cover the entire market. Despite such tremendous growth, lack of quality, geographic restrictions, linguistic barriers, less supportive e-learning websites, and hacking problems have been witnessed in the Learning management system. The traditional education system is already suffering from hefty tuition fees, travel costs, time restriction, the continuously limited scope of learning, practical knowledge gap, and lack of assessments.

Edufex curbs LMS and the Traditional education system; hence, it designed the blockchain-based Learning Management System. It delivers a secure platform of e-learning and removes all the restrictions to provide users a trustful, qualitative, geographic, and linguistic barrier-free source of e-learning. The concept of token dispersal to educators on completion of their service for learners highlights Edufex differently within the industry.

Edufex facilitates global knowledge on computer screens in one click, saving time, efforts, travelling costs, and foreign living costs. Access to universally accepted certifications, degree, and educators’ availability for desired courses enhance the e-learning scope at Edufex blockchain-based learning management system. Not only students but also educators have equal opportunities on our platform. Educators can earn Tokens on completion of courses. Earning of these Tokens from the Edufex platform can be converted into cash at the same time or after a gap when the Token conversion rate increases.

Edufex Crowdsale Announcement!

Become an Edufex investor now and enjoy one of the best returns on investment!

The more you buy, the more bonus credits you get.

Edufex offers up to a whopping 60% BONUS CREDIT FOR EARLY CONTRIBUTORS.

Early Birds will be receiving BEST & LOWEST CURRENT price token; note EDUX price is rising daily.

•Get 60% extra EDUX on buying above € 50,000

•Get 55% extra EDUX on buying above € 20,000

•Get 50% extra EDUX on buying above € 10,000

•Get 45% extra EDUX on buying above € 5,000

•Get 40% extra EDUX on buying Below €5,000

The price value of the EDUX token will increase day by day. Take advantage of these sales by buying at competitive prices.

Use ERC 20 network in Binance else we are not responsible for fund. Visit Now:


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Jun 3, 2019
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Develop soft skills in your personality through online E-learning courses of soft skills. Join Edufex


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Jun 3, 2019
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Music de-stress our mind and body. Learn multiple techniques of music instrument playing and become a certified music therapist.


Jul 14, 2021
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Hello everyone,

We are here to give an overview of a new unique project called Edufex. Edufex provides exciting and attractive offers for everyone. Edufex is a blockchain-based e-learning online platform. It offers multiple courses on various subjects, video tutorials, assessments, online teachers support, blockchain certification for your career development and opportunities. Edufex curbs LMS and traditional education systems; Therefore, it designed a blockchain-based learning management system. It lays out a secure foundation of e-learning and eliminates all limitations to give customers a reliable, qualitative, geographic and linguistic barrier-free starting point of e-learning. The concept of paying tokens to teachers upon completing their service to learners exposed Edufex differently within the industry. Edufex encourages worldwide information on digital screens simultaneously, saving time, effort, travel costs and overseas living expenses. Admission to universally accepted certifications, degrees, and teachers' access to teachers improves E-learning extensions in the Edufex blockchain-based learning management system. Students, as well as instructors, have equal freedom on our platform. Teachers can earn tokens upon completion of the course. 8+ partner-university affiliates, 20000+ students and 1019+ teachers Edufex offers online courses and degrees with top international universities and specialist organizations. Since we launched in 2020, we have run hundreds of courses on a wide variety of subjects, which have attracted over seven million learners from all over the world. If you are interested in becoming a partner, we are always happy to talk. World-leading educational institutions are known for their teaching and research in various fields. Token information Ticker EDUX Platform PANCAKESWAP Token Type BEP-20 2021{Quarter 3} -Blockchain certification on Binance smart chain -50,000 students portal registration -Listing on a decentralized exchange -Implementing certification process to students 2021{Quarter 4} -Airdrop & Bounty Token Distribution -70,000 student portal registration -Token Listing on Centralized Exchange -AI-Based Exam 2022 {Quarter 1} -100,000 students portal registration -1000 Courses -20 University collaboration









Jul 14, 2021
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The process of learning has changed.

Gone are the days poring over textbooks and notes on the study table. Today, education has moved online — it’s not about mugging up anymore; it’s understanding.

We all follow a particular routine daily. It can be reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee every morning, going to the office, cooking food, etc. Sometimes our routines are flexible where we can add other activities like going to the gym post office or doing pending chores. And sometimes we have tight schedules where everything is fixed from time to time. There is one thing we should never stop doing, i.e. Learning and educating ourselves till the end. I firmly believe Learning gives us a will to look forward to bettering ourselves and our way of living. It makes us a more robust version of ourselves.

Being responsible individuals, we have a lot of commitments to look after. Due to this, physically attending lectures of your desired course is not possible. That’s where online education comes into the picture. Distance and virtual learning courses are essential to higher education in the 21st century.“Convenience. Affordable. Knowledgeable. Understandable. Valuable.” is the fundamental mantra of online education. The trustworthy platform that covers all these qualities is Edufex.

Edufex is a trending blockchain-based platform with an e-learning management system. It connects learners, educators, and universities to grow individually with full potentials. Multiple courses are available that will be beneficial to the learner throughout their life. On Edufex, we hire educators with professional expertise who deliver quality content that is understandable for everyone. Doubts regarding the subject can be clarified on an immediate basis. The most exciting benefit about Edufex is its blockchain certificate which the learners receive after completing their course. The certification adds weightage to their resumes and gives them a better position for employment opportunities. Anyone can view the certificate provided they have the learner's hash ID.

Basics benefits of Edufex (for students)

  • Cost-Effective
  • Quick Delivery of lessons
  • High accessibility
  • Multiple retakes of virtual classes
  • Tailored training
  • Any time/ place
  • Career advancements
  • Personalized learning experience
  • Blockchain verified certification.
Educate yourself on Edufex and enjoy mind-blowing benefits.

Register now on our website mentioned below. Keep up with our daily updates; follow us on medium.

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