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Dec 3, 2008
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What is Easy Pha-max Cap ?

Easy Pha-max Cap Marketing Sdn Bhd is the subsidiary of INS Bioscience, which is the marketing and distribution arm of Easy Pha-max Cap brand of health supplement in the local and international markets. Easy Pha-max Cap, among others, is leading in the biotechnology of herbal health supplement. Through cutting-edge research and development in biology, Easy Pha-max Cap is to develop and synergize an excellent team of synergy business partner for the company's growth, hence becoming an outstanding multinational company.

What is ?

Most of the giant direct sales start with dream of individual. Usually, they have little money or none. What they do is carrying with what they believe; start selling perfume with some free gift door by door. For only a few of them who are lucky enough, able to build up their network in marketing without financial assistance from the others. What about the others? What about those unlucky groups? Most of them would only burry their passion into deep ocean. So what is We are a private investment group funding and support those people who dream big, think far to start up their career.

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