credit card sales agent/ koperasi loan (KOWAJA)

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Jan 15, 2008
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Thank you for joining us as a part time Sales Agent at e-Channel Marketing.

We are a marketing company specializing in insurance and financial service tailored to meet the needs of customers. We are dealing with a carefully selected business partner and group of financially sound and reputable financial agency.

Our company is in Kuching, Sarawak . In line with our business expansion plan, we are recruiting a part time Sales Agent throughout Malaysia . As of first quarter of 2009, we have more than 150 active part time Sales Agent nationwide, compare to less than 10 person full time sales person we have in Kuching who are doing direct marketing at public area e.g shopping complex and government office.

As a part time Sales Agent, you can do selling in every part in Malaysia disregard from which state you are from. Either you do selling through direct approach or through online, as long as the submission is genuine and approved by the bank and koperasi, you will still be given a reimbursement in a commission type.

1.Commission Rates:-
Credit card:-
Classic Card – RM40
Gold Card – RM50
Platinum - RM70

EON Bank
Classic Card – RM25
Gold Card – RM40
Platinum – RM50

Koperasi loan – 1.5% from total approved loan from Koperasi KOWAJA.

2.Example of Commission Calculation:-
Ali submitted 30 credit card in January 2009.
However, 20 cards were approved.
His commission is: RM25 x 20 approved cards = RM500

Ali also gets 4 customers with approved koperasi loan amount RM60000 (about RM15000 each)
His commission is: RM60000 x 1.5% = RM900

Total commission Ali get in January 2009 is RM500 + RM900 = RM1400

Any one interest, pleasek indly sms me on 0123381956. thanks
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