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Oct 6, 2016
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Special Offers From Instaforex

Besides the basic trading conditions for Eurica and Standard accounts, InstaForex Company proposes a number of special offers with modified conditions allowing a more personalized approach to every client. Thus, we offer each our customer exactly what he needs depending on his preferences during the work with a trading account.
A customer can apply for each special offer both when opening a trading account and when operating existing trading accounts. After selecting the appropriate reference in the list of the services presented below you can find further information on each of them and also submit an application for an already existing trading account.

Accounts in USD, EUR, RUR

To protect your funds from the risk of a falling US dollar rate, you can open an account in another currency. Accounts in a currency other than the US dollar gain weight together along with the account.
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Accounts without swaps

The Swap-free accounts service is intended for traders who use trading systems that do not take into account the impact of swaps, or those customers who cannot use swaps owing to their religious views. It explains another name of these accounts: "Islamic accounts". Within the swap-free system all trading terms and conditions of Standard or Eurica accounts remain valid.
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30% bonuses for each deposit

Traders who prefer bonuses for each deposit rather than the Fixed ones are offered to get 30% bonuses on a trading account for each deposit on a regular basis. Unlike its rivals providing their customers with the same options under covert conditions prohibiting bonus trading, InstaForex Company gives its customers freedom to profit from the bonuses gained using them in trading. The process of paying a bonus is fully automated, which enables a customer to get it at his convenience.
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PAMM-system: Investors and Traders

Regardless of whether you are a trader or an investor, the PAMM system by InstaForex Company will be your reliable assistant on the way to profit. InstaForex PAMM system offers investors the opportunity to take profit from trades of experienced and professional traders, whose ratings are available in the PAMM Cabinet and in the PAMM Monitoring section. The PAMM system guarantees fast investing process, protection of funds against illegal withdrawal by a trader and automated calculation of shares and profit. Within the PAMM system professional traders get a chance to find people who are ready to invest in their accounts after checking them out in the open monitoring table. InstaForex Company ensures the reliability of history of PAMM trader accounts. Register right now and get wise to all options of InstaForex PAMM system!
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More than 300 trading instruments, including Forex, metals, stocks and futures

A comprehensive set of InstaForex trading instruments is a real gem for a professional trader working with a wide portfolio of trading instruments including currencies, futures and stocks. As a trader growth professionally, InstaForex Company provides him with all necessary instruments for trading. A trader can alter his own strategy and add/remove trading instruments.
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Segregated accounts

InstaForex company offers a unique service to its clients - the segregated accounts. This type of accounts ensures protection of the client’s capital against risks of any force-majeur situations related to the company’s activity. In a generally accepted sense, the term "segregated account" means storage of the client's funds separately from the company’s funds
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pelbagai servis dan perkohmatan yang ada di InstaForex
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