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Aug 19, 2011
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No FUZZ, no FANZY websites, just making money for you. We invest funds with high returns, we don't build websites to impress, YOUR returns will impress you. At Capgrow Investments we take money and investors serious, the same caution we have with our own money we have with yours. Enormous promises of 1000’s percentages are just not sustainable and will lose you money, often sooner than later. To sustain a constant growth of capital and eliminate the risk we diversify our investments across various areas and over different periods. The areas of operation for the short term is FX, short-term financing, stocks (mainly futures) and for the medium to long-term we invest in stocks, equity trade, minerals (gold, silver, platinum, oil), high-tech companies and IPO’s with a high yield. So, that means that your investment is never in just 1 instrument that can go wrong but spread across many instruments and the risk is virtually zero.

Capgrow Investments is an international financial management group that not only manage funds for corporates, our 821 offline investors, but also offer the same corporate service to the smaller investor with the same care as we do for the larger groups. The large investments we manage for corporates enable us to offer the same opportunity to many smaller investors and open a market not easily accessable to the small investor. Yes, we do achieve exceptional results without putting you or the company at risk through dedicated investment brokers round the globe with very stringent management rules in place. Our success is your success and without our investors we have limited growth, YOU are the reason why we achieve the results and therefore the most important element we focus on. We are here for the long-term and will do everything to protect our reputation and that of the companies behind us.

Time is money and to be able to evaluate and assess all aspects of a good investment, take many hours every day as markets change very fast. We understand that an individual can’t do it all and at Capgrow Investments, we put the human and technology resources in to make it possible. Each of our investors has in principal a team that work for them – achieved by combining traders and resources. This enable you, the investor to spend your time on what you enjoy and what you are good at, knowing that there is a team that spend their time on what they enjoy and are good at, looking after your money and grow it for you.
Investment plans:

Master -IPO 17.50% weekly for 26

Expert 3.50% daily for 30

Professional 10.00% daily for 15

Starter 3.00% daily for 3 Days

Accepted Currencies: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney

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