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Nov 3, 2012
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Name of Company:OSM Business Advisory Sdn Bhd

Role: Financial Planner and Loan Service

Remuneration:RM 5000-RM 20000

Requirements:Communication Skill, Basic English

Contact Person:Alan Lai 016-7288858

OSM Business Advisory SB
You One Stop Financial Services

Our Company will having COP (Career Opportunities Presentation) this Friday , 12 April 2013, 7.30pm & Next Saturday (20 April 2013) 2.00pm

Who interested, can come on this Friday at 7.30pm or Next Saturday (20 April 2013) at 2.00pm.

High Salary Opportunities (RM5000-RM20k Per Month)

OSM Business Advisory S/B is one of the license registered Company who consulting for banking services with consumer. Our main role and responsible is to help consumer for their existing banking facilities to save more interest rate, shorten repayment scheme, enhance for cash flow liquidity for business running, financial solution advisory services and to assist their achieve financial goal and asset protection scheme.

Currently, we are corporate with comprehensive Financial Institutions products like SME Business Loan, Mortgage Refinancing, Personal Loan and Wealth Planning Products. With our fast growing business and market demands, we have expand to recruit more people to join us who are keen would like success in the banking industry to grow for personal income and brightness career opportunities.
One Stop Financial Services
• Loan Restructure(SME, PL, Mortgage Loan)
• Cash Flowing Planning(Personal / Commercial)
• Liabilities Protection
• Children Education Planning
• Retired Planning
• Will Writing Planning
• Investment Object(PRS, Unit Trust, Gold Investment)
• General Insurance(Car, Fire Protection, Burglary Protection)

6-step process
• Step 1 – Establish relation
– Build rapport
– Probe questions
– Listen well
Present State + Gap = Desired State
Planner to clearly identify client’s needs and transform the shortfall into clear needs

• Step 2 - Define financial goals
– Characteristics of financial goals :-
• Realistic
• Stated in monetary terms, specific and quantifiable
• Time frame – short , medium and long term
– Goals can be prioritized
– Life Cycle
• Wealth Accumulation / Protection / Preservation / Distribution

• Step 3 –Analyse and evaluate client’s financial status
• Insurance policies
• Cash flow statements
• Various loan documents
• Investment and tax position

• Step 4 – Develop financial strategies and
plans to achieve goals
– Income tax planning
– Asset management
– Credit management
– Risk management via insurance planning Tax & investment risk, employment termination,
health / death risk, business liability risk, , theft/ burglary, personal liability, etc

• Step 5 – Implement plan and strategies
– Action plan – good plan :-
• Tailor made to suit the client’s needs and wishes
• Strength and weakness of each strategy are well spelt out
• within the client’s present financial resources
• List of action for client’s agreement and implementation
• Timeline clearly spelt out

• Step 5 – Implement strategies and plans
– Work with other professionals to get the various part of the plan executed in the right direction. Professionals : income tax agents / lawyer, will writers, banker, stock brokers, insurance agents, trust officer, etc

• Step 6 – Monitor results & revise the plan where necessary
– Ensuring the plan is carried out in accordance with the action plan
– Monitor the adequacy of the techniques used, the performance of investments and the changes to the laws and environment
– Review should be done annually or as and when changes occur, whichever is earlier

Finally, we are looking for talent who would like to contribute in the long term in the financial planning to serve consumer better

If keen, please drop me an email to
[email protected] or 016 728 8858

Address : No.28-2, Jalan op 1/3, Pusat Perdagangan One Puchong, 47160, Puchong Selangor
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Nov 3, 2012
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Business Development Executive from Banking services Advisory Consultant Firm
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