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Aug 22, 2008
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Welcome to Bulb Invest

We give the best and real profit in investment world, but we can claim that you are investing at the right place, because your asset safety is our main concern. Our target is to give a rational profit to our investor safely. Why safely ? Because a lot of investment programs offer high profit, before it reaches the return of investment, your investment has been taken away. We guarantee your investment will be safe with us ...
About Us

We aim to deliver powerful and risk-adjusted investment returns to our investors, achieving consistent performance through the quality of our people and experience.We are happy to offer 4 programs for you Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each of them is unique in its own way and has its peculiarities, each of them can satisfy interests of any client, giving the wide range and opportunities for investing capital.
Referral Program

To take part in our referral program you don't need to have an active investment in our program. You will only have to give your personal referral link to investors attracted by you. We pay 10% for each person that you referred!. All referral commissions are paid within 24 hours directly to your E-Currency account.

Program Plans
40% Daily For 4 Days :: ROI 160%
45% Daily For 4 Days :: ROI 180 %
50% Daily For 4 Days :: ROI 200 %

The link:
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