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Bukan saja "lard" dalam minyak wangi , malahan dalam sabun juga!!!!!!!!


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May 9, 2008
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Spicy Green Tea and Oatmeal soap


This was my very first soap; a simple, mostly lard soap.

280 grams lard
112 grams coconut oil
56 grams olive oil
64 grams lye
198 ml water

1/2 cup oatmeal, coarsely ground
chlorophyll (for color)
green tea fragrance oil
patchouli essential oil
1/2 teaspoon cardamom
1/2 teaspoon coriander

Oils were at 95, lye at 105 when mixed. Took 1.5 hours to trace.
I beleive this soap did not reach gel stage, hence its slightly opaque look. It was tinted pale green with the chlorophyll and has kept its color nicely (the picture does not show the color very well).

Rosewood Herb Soap


Another lard soap, this one has a greater variety of oils. It made an excellent soap with great lather.

151 grams lard
135 grams olive oil
70 grams coconut oil
68 grams palm kernal oil
31 grams castor oil
11 grams beeswax
66 grams lye
175 ml water
1/4 cup dried calendula petals
1/4 cup dried parsley
chlorophyll (for color)
rosewood essential oil
patchouli essential oil
lavendar essential oil

Oils were at 118, lye at 110 when mixed. Trace time 45 minutes.
It was beatiful dark green when mixing, after gel it cooled off to the lighter green shade. For some reason the shade of green in this soap is much grassier green than soap 1, though they were colored with the same stuff.

Nag Champa Soap

A non-lard soap with great lather! And a nice hard bar. Turns out the missing ingredient is palm oil; which can be found as organic shortening in the grocery store. Unfortunately this soap came out, well, cosmetically challenged, and I don't like the Nag Champa scent very much. I'm including the general composition, since this is a great recipe.

150 grams olive oil
60 grams coconut oil
50 grams palm kernal oil
30 grams palm oil
25 grams castor oil
14 grams beeswax
60 grams vegetable shortening
20 grams shea butter
55 grams lye
160 ml water
18 grams Nag Champa Fragrance oil

Took a long time to trace.

Heather and Hyacinth Soap


One of my several attempts to get a good non-lard soap. This one selected just since it smells so nice.

44 grams olive oil
105 grams coconut oil
50 grams palm kernal oil
46 grams sweet almond oil
50 grams castor oil
15 grams beeswax
194 grams vegetable shortening
21 grams shea butter
70 grams lye
200 ml water
18 ml Fragrance oil
1/3 cup lavender flowers
Purple oxide soap coloring.

10 grams of the castor and all the shea were set aside and added at trace to superfat.

This soap is pretty nice - but has a couple of flaws.


Definitions of LARD on the Web:

There are several grades of lard. The finest is leaf lard, which comes from the area around the kidneys of the pig. Back lard is another high grade, while rendered fat from other parts of the pig is less desirable.
# The fat separated from the fatty tissue of pork. It has a characteristic nutty flavor, and is usually white in color. Often used in pie crusts, biscuits and other baked goods. The mainstay of AmeriMex cooking. Used in making tamales. Also, to cover with strips of fat, or to insert fat strips into meat with a larding needle.

# (Abbr) Laryngeal Reflux Disease, manifestations of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in the laryngeal region.

# Rendered and clarified, white pork fat, used for cooking.

# Rendered and clarified pork fat. As a verb, to lard is to insert strips of fat into uncooked lean meat (such as venison) to tenderize and add flavor.

# Rendered pork fat used for pastry and frying. Also, to insert small strips of fatback into naturally lean meats before roasting or braising. The process is done using a larding needle.

# Rendered pork fat used for pastry and frying.

# Lard is an animal fat produced from the fatty or otherwise unusable parts of pig carcasses.It is used for cooking, commonly used in British, German, Polish, Mexican, Norwegian and Japanese cuisine. Pure lard is especially useful for cooking since it produces very little smoke when heated. Toward the late 20th century lard began to be regarded as less healthy than vegetable oils such as olive and sunflower.

Ada pendapat juga mengatakan tidak salah dalam hal ini kerana ianya adalah proses atau telah di campurkan dengan bahan lain menjadi sesuatu yg lain.

Wallahu Alam,

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May 12, 2007
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lard lard lard...penin penin...kena hati2 neh
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