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Jan 15, 2010
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Boston Ventures is a concept of investments which is thinking out of the box. BVBC is founded by me, Todd Savage together with 5 other colleagues with a combined experience of 30 years in the trading field. We come with various trading background which includes trading private placements, trading forex placements, real estate and banking. With these experience in hand we would like to extend and share the money making business to you as well. We will post more details on our strategies of investments and blueprint of our plans to our members. The funds are placed in a trust whilst the leverage on these funds will be invested in monetary vessels to facilitate simultaneously trades in various fields. We are able to sustain our returns from funds that we have already collectively invested.

Our Site is DDos Protected and Our script is licensed. We have adequate steps to ensure we will not have any script problems. We have several things going on, more will be anounced once we have cleared our first 500 investors.

The investment plans that BVBC offers is of daily interest ( Monday to Friday ) and generates a total returns of 40%, 45% & 55% per month depending on the investment plan that you are in and principle is returned doubled. Payments are made Monday to Friday. However at this point of time we apologize that we are unable to offer our investors the compounding benefit. Holding period of the initial investment is 180 days with double your principal back besides the daily percentages. Currently we are setting up our offshore company and also our support contact numbers which will be available tentatively end of the month. We at BVBC hope that you will enjoy your journey in making money with us.

Our plans are simple,

The minimum investment amount is $10.00 Dollars. The Maximum is $25,000.00 Dollars.

We accept Liberty Reserve And Perfect Money only at this time.

Your principal is returned doubled.X2 at the end of 180 days.
40% Monthly will work out to 1.34 percent daily including weekends based on a 30 day month. This is for investments up to $5000 Dollars.
45% Monthly will work out to 1.45 percent daily including weekends based on a 30 day month. This is for investments above the $5001 and up to $10000 Dollars.
55% Monthly will work out to 1.83 percent daily including weekends based on a 30 day month. This is for investmentsabove the $10001 and up to $25000 Dollars.

There is 5% refferal comission for life. On every deposit. We do not belive in compounding. Lets Have A Good Year and Make Some Money !
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