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Biznes Loan up to RM50K


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Nov 23, 2006
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Biznes Loan utk Company Kecik (Company besar ade, nk detail ble tanya kt no yg aku bg kt bwh tu)

Yg penting takde Upfront fees

Community Business Scheme

• Collateral Free
• Reducing Balance
• Loan size from RM25K to RM50K
• No restriction on the usage of the money
• 1-3 years loan tenor
• Easy Application Process
• Only One time 1% Processing fees (after got ur loan)
• Interest BLR + 5& (BIL) or 11.75% (Islamic)
- Interest rate has included 3.5% CGC Guarantee fees

Documents Required

For Sole Proprietor & Partnership

• All shareholders' (those 20%) & all directors' photocopy of MY Card IC, (the residential address must same with IC, if not please provide utility bill or other documentations which to show the residential address.

• Full set of Form BE of Director(s) with receipts or bank statement proven

• Business Registration Certificate (FORM A)
• Trading License (FORM D)
• Business License (issued by Local Municipal council) for retail business only.

• Photocopy of Assessment Bill (Cukai Pintu) or Photocopy of Tenancy Aggreement for Offices premises, if tenancy agreement expired, 3 months rental receipts are needed.

• Latest Management Account
• Application Form with Directors's Signature and Company Stamp at the bottom.

P/S: Sesiapa yg berminat nk tau lebih lanjut, hubungi terus Ms Aisyah di talian 03 7954 1358 (opis hour saje) Loan senang approve coz company track record bagus. Setahu aku Loan under Bank Standard Chartered, b4 diz aku ade buat, diorg mmg senang approve. Mention nama Hazo, bila korg telepon Ms Aisyah.
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