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Aug 24, 2019
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Welcome to Bitzone24

Running days: 111 days


Get To Know About Us

We are a cryptocurrency mining firm dealing with currencies such as Bitcoin and Altcoin among others.
When you trade with us, our experienced professional team can be trusted to help you every step of the way with making your Bitcoin investments. So, since becoming a member with us could potentially be responsible for altering your entire financial future in a highly positive way, you probably want to know more about us. To that end, here’s a bit of background about us.

Our Vision

We envision expanding our scope and that of our members from traditional investments and trading to the new and exciting world of automated Bitcoin and Ethereum investing.

  • Investment Plans Offered
Bitzone24 is pleased to offer two investment plans, both for the period of 15 days. Plan 1 offers 150% return in total in which 10% daily return will be credited to your balance for 15 days. Plan 2 offers 170% return in total after the period of 15 days.
  • Payment Methods Accepted
Bitzone24 provides a versatile and reliable investment platform that you can make multiple investments in currencies such as Payeer, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Litecoin and Ethereum and be able to manage and reinvest from your balance
  • Minimum and maximum investment amount
The minimum deposit amount is: USD 10.00 for both plans and there is no maximum amount, you can deposit as much as you like
  • Minimum and maximum withdrawal amount
The minimum withdrawal amount is 10.00 USD for all payment methods
There is no limitation for withdrawal as a maximum amount.
  • Referral Program
Earn fixed 5% of each direct referral’s deposit by inviting your friends to Bitzone24!!

Congratulation to All Dear Partners!

We are excited to celebrate the first 100 days milestone with you our investors and partners.
We have been blessed with your wonderful support.

The first 100 days has been an introduction of the Bitone24 fruitful investment program world-wide and formed the foundation of our investors communities in most of the countries all over the world.

We are delighted to see our numerous enthusiast investors who have courage to take their investment experience to another level by building their network. We are willing to enhance the quality of service to all our investors by offering new marketing and representative program in addition to our investment program.

You as the valuable partners of Bitzone24 along with the company are determined to take another firm step to financial freedom.

God Bless you all.


Note : I am not an admin or owner of this project

Project Status: Paying

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