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To Sell Bitop Waterproofing Spray RM19.90 - Tampung bumbung, kolam,rekahan,bawah sinki bocor


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Mar 2, 2009
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550ML.. size besar..!!!
550ML.. size besar..!!!
550ML.. size besar..!!!

Features and scope of application

A variety of base surfaces, quick-drying and tough, waterproof and leak-proof, elastic and crack-resistant, easy to spray.

Product features: Weak and vulnerable points such as nozzles, tube roots, corners, slotted wiring, etc.

Instructions for use:
Crack construction guidance (construction width 15cm), most of the construction surface of the crack itself is water-absorbent and permeable material, if it is sprayed with narrow rainwater, it will bypass the waterproof layer, and the basic internal flow will cause water seepage again, so the width of the spray when doing gap repair It must be greater than or equal to 15cm, and the leak must be accurately found before construction.Most people who have not been in contact with the waterproof construction often have a wrong understanding, thinking that the location above the floor corresponding to the water leakage trace must be a water leakage point. In fact, we often encounter water leakage points farther away from the water leakage traces in construction In some cases, if you only paint the roof corresponding to the water leakage, then the problem of water leakage will not solved.

1. For unknown materials, please spray in a small area first, and use it after 10 minutes without adverse reactions.
2. When painting, please make the aerosol can stand upright and the angle between the horizontal plane should not be less than 45 degrees.
3. Please construct in the air circulation place, the environment is cool and dry, no dust, which is beneficial to the coating effect.
4. Do not construct in rainy or cold environment.
5. Keep out of reach of children.
6. This product is flammable. Please store it in a cool and dry place at 0-40°C, away from heat sources and open flames. It is strictly prohibited to expose, puncture or burn the jar.
7. After use, turn the empty can upside down, press the nozzle to release the participating gas in the can, and put the empty can in a safe place

Nak order?
Nak order?

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