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To Sell Bitmore is a main Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange without verification

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Tether launches investment, mining, training and digital asset management divisions

What Happened. Tether, which issues the largest USDT stablecoin on the crypto market with a capitalization of $109.6 billion, has updated its organizational structure, resulting in the launch of four independent business units of the company. Thus, Tether Data is engaged in the development and strategic investments in innovative technologies, Tether Power is responsible for the direction of bitcoin mining, Tether Edu offers global educational courses, and Tether Finance focuses on financial services, including USDT management.

What else is known. Tether Data's technology division will support developments in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms. The company has previously launched its own platform for creating encrypted peer-to-peer applications, Holepunch, which was the basis for the Keet and Pear Runtime products, and has also invested in Germany's Northern Data Group, which uses AI technologies and has a mining division.

Late last year, Ardoino announced the release of five new projects in 2024. According to him, "some of these projects could destroy popular centralized services in the Web 2.0 sector"
Bitmore is your Reliable Financial Partner!

We provide a convenient, safe and easy way to exchange cryptocurrencies and manage your digital assets.

We keep the anonymity of our clients.
Everything that was between BITMORE and you remains only between BITMORE and you.

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Trust Bitmore and make sure your finances are in good hands
We make financial transactions as comfortable as possible for you!

Services we provide:

Cryptocurrency exchange for cash and vice versa.
Money transfers around the world.
Sale of Yuan. Favorable exchange conditions.
SEPA and SWIFT transfers.
Replenishment of individual entrepreneurs
Payment for car auctions in the USA
Withdrawal of WISE | REVOLUT | PAYPAL
Payments with China
Ready-made solutions for your application.
Advantages of exchange with Bitmore:

Reliability: The company has a good reputation in the market and provides a high level of security for cryptocurrency transactions.

A wide range of cryptocurrencies: The company offers
a wide range of cryptocurrencies for exchange, including
popular and lesser-known assets.

Transparency: The company is open about its terms, fees, and exchange rates, which allows clients to make an informed choice.

We provide favorable conditions for cryptocurrency exchange, which allows clients to make profitable transactions.

Global access: The company works with clients from all over the world, providing the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies between different countries and regions with convenience and efficiency.
Our services are available not only in Ukraine but also in different countries around the world.

We put a lot of effort into providing a convenient and reliable cryptocurrency exchange for our clients.

Here is a list of countries where we are ready to serve you:

-Great Britain
-United Arab Emirates
-Czech Republic

We provide exchange via courier delivery to make the process as convenient as possible for you.

Choose reliability and comfort with Bitmore.
A quick guide to Exchange on Bitmore:

1.Selecting Currencies
On the left, select the currency you want to give (e.g. USDT).
On the right, select the currency you want to receive (e.g. USD).

2. Selecting a Country and City
Select the country and city where you plan to receive cash.

3. Entering the exchange amount
Enter the amount in USDT or USD that you want to exchange or receive.

4. Entering Contact Information and Confirmation
Enter your email and Telegram name.
Click "Submit Request" to complete the process.
Why choose us?

BITMORE has been in the financial market since 2018, and we have established ourselves as leaders with high marks in 10+ authoritative ratings.

The company provides high-quality customer support service and guarantees the satisfaction of their needs in the financial field.

Trust Bitmore and make sure your finances are in good hands!
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Speed and Convenience: Lightning-fast exchange without unnecessary delays.

Competitive Rates: Get the best value for your cryptocurrencies.

Complete Security: Your transactions are protected by the most advanced technology.

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