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Jul 11, 2011
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After many months of works I am pleased to announce a new face of our hyip monitor service. We hope that new changes and features which are a response for your expectations cause that our service will be more useful and we will better rating monitored programs. With years of experience on online investment market we could create significantly changes and in our opinion much more user-friendly service for investors but also for programs' administrators. By reading your opinions and by observing our competitors we make a conclusion that new changes reflect your needs.

We would like to discuss briefly the most important changes:

1) New advertising options

We offer you many new possibilities to advertise on our website. We provide our services for over 6 years and we offer for our advertisers high quality traffic from across the globe. We don't annoy our readers with multiple banner ads and anything that would detract from enjoying reading and visiting our website

New advertising options:

- Investor care program
- New unique audit image status
- professional interview
- professional review
- New Banner slots
- Featured listing (example:
- Forum introduction and activity
- Additional points to the listing
- and more

Please review all new advertising options on advertise room: Advertise your program, add your hyip, hyip banners, reviews, interviews, listing, monitoring
We will start a big promotional campaign soon so we invite you to order ads promptly.

2) Your program verification process

Your program will get additional points to the ranking position for every verification step and a verified status in program details.

3) The complaints system (INVESTORS CARE PROGRAM)

We make the complaints system allowing to complain every missed payment from any program. We will encourage investors and programs’ administrators as well to cooperate in solving missed payments issues. We declare quick and effective action for every complaint and Individual approach. Thanks to close cooperation between our service, investors and administrators of programs, there is a chance for a quick and efficient troubleshooting of investors problems.
To enable 'the investor care program' please login to your account and click on advertise page. By enabling this option your program looks more reliable in your investors eyes.
Your program will get additional points to ranking position and a special audit button that you have to publish in a visible place at your website. After clicking on this button your investors get a possibility to report a missed deposit or a pending withdrawal. If you do not agree we still verify your customers problems, but you will not get additional points to your ranking for open position.

4) Programs rating system

We resigned from a „premium listing” because we concluded that position of the program shouldn't be related to the paid fee only. At the same time we created for administrators of the programs other additional forms of advertising and promotion. Instead of using premium listing, we've implemented a rating system basing on many independent factors. From now the position of the program is not related to the fee or a program age but we take into account our subjective rating (program ROI, speed of support, time of payouts, user accounts security, program transparency, quality of hosting and DDoS protection) and investors rating as well. All these factors contribute to the overall assessment which allows to rate programs more adequate to the characteristics of the program.

5) New design and script

In addition to changes related to engine of our service we also decided to completely rebuild our design and script. The purpose of this action is adapting to existing standards and to make our layout more transparent and functional. We hope that we have succeeded.

6) More content

We consider self monitoring as inadequate because there are many related topics which are very important during making decision of investment such as: payment systems, investment strategies, interviews, reviews, updates. We will keep track these subjects and expand them up to date. You are able to order paid article, interview or review from your account. We cooperate with a professional journalist.

7) Semi automatic system

We know how important is to publish current information because this market is very modal and dynamic and outdated information may cause investors' loses. Thus we implemented automation of our system because we would like to publish information about payments, statuses, updates as soon as possible. However this automation has a manual control because the machine does not read updates (for example about changing program account), and we consider such system as optimal.

We invite you also to explore other changes on the website.

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